Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's part of my mental situation.

If you know me well,

and I mean real well,

as in, you know how many times I wash my hair a week, just how bad my allergies are in the summer and how grouchy it makes me, that I listen to music 90% of the day, that one of my pet peeves are those sales stickers they put on your dishes that don't come off clean, and that I believe Squirt to be the best beverage on the entire planet,

then you might also know that I struggle with my self esteem from time to time. Most of the time? I'm just fine 'n dandy. Sometimes? I struggle big time.

And somewhere in the state of Texas, my sister groans from having to hear this, over and over and over. . .

I might be the only person on the planet who will admit to feeling this insecure. Some days, nothing I do is quite good enough. Some days I question everything that's come out of my mouth. Some days, all of my ideas are just too "kooky".

Some days, I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. Some days, I have the desire to give the whole world the finger. That sort of thing.

But I digress.

As I've been putting on the finishing touches to my vanity table, I decided I needed my own little "personal thoughts" poster. A little something to remember in the morning, if you will.

None of them are well written or witty; I'm sure someone else has said about the same thing, 'cept much much better.

But I don't really care-- they're out of my noggin and that's all I really give a hoot about.

Here's to hoping it helps on those "sometimes" days.


WhettenWild said...

That's AWESOME! I want one!!

You are good at everything. Just like Dad. And that's just how it is. Period. Nuff said. are one talented lady!

Your #1 fan

Nikky said...
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Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Oh girl, I have that same problem. Mine are never ending fat days.

Seriously, I realized recently the reason why I never buy new clothes is because I'm always convinced I'm going to lose 10 lbs in the next month, so I don't want to buy clothes that won't fit soon.

Needless to say, that never happens and I'm quickly becoming a prime candidate for What Not to Wear.

I really like your sign, might need to make one of my own and slap it on my dresser. There's a saying on Pinterest I really like, something like, "Sometimes I'm sad, but then I stop being sad and start being AWESOME".

Here's to being awesome.

tbonesgirl1234 said...

That's awesome! Will these be available as a printable anytime soon? I struggle with the same feelings quite often and something like this would be so so helpful!

Udygirl said...

I think every woman is extremely hard on themselves. I have a huge problem with comparing myself to all the other awesome women out there. (Especially being single!) But something a good friend once told me was that I was comparing my weakness to their strengths. When I start doubting myself I try to remember that everyone has their fair share of both weakness and strengths.

As far as you Mandi, I second Monique! Just know that we all love you and appreciate all you do/have done for us. (I am speaking for the entire Green side.) I am one lucky girl to have so many talented and amazing cousins! :D

Jen said...

Thanks for this, Mandi! I've had one of those weeks and this REALLY helped me put things into perspective. I love how prayers are answered sometimes! You really do ROCK. And I am crazy, insanly jealous of you talents and beauty!! No, really, I am!!!!

Would it be possible for me to get one of those FABULOUS "Personal Thoughts" posters? I think I could really use one of those. ;)

Lisa said...

Lets see: you should have your own show on HGTV for all the awesome carpentry and DIY projects you have completed.
You are passionate about your kiddos and document every bit of their childhoods with your photos.
You are a kick-@$$ photographer, have a hugely popular blog, might be the most hilarious person in the blogisphere, are gorgeous and to top it all of you're even nice!!! Jeez!
But everyone has those moments and I love your pep talk for your vanity! I think you need to add Jack Handy's "I'm good enough, I'm nice enough and people like me!"

Dharma said...

A) you just, hard
B) your sister was the FIRST poster, so she obviously unlocked her eyeballs from the back of her head long enough to confirm the above.

Dede said...

I would never have're just too dang cool, talented, and gorgeous to have insecurity!

I do understand, though.

I also love the picture! I think it's a great idea:-)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Well, now that I know all of this, we really could be friends. :)

You're the real deal, man!

gina3 said...

I think all of us feel the same way; it's part of trying to be superwoman, an unattainable goal. I think your little poster is awesome and could really help on those days where we just feel crappy about everything.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I think we all tend to get down on ourselves from time to time. It's easy to do. BUT I must tell you why so many people would love to be you. You make jeans and converse tennis shoes look good. You have great hair. You have tools and know how to use them. You make pretty babies and take beautiful photos of them. You are freakin hillarious. You have a cute husband with a nice behind. Yep I have checked out your butt pics. I don't skim past them. You are inspirational. You are the reason I wanted to learn about photography. I made my husband look at tons of your photos on your blog and told him I wanted an SLR camera so I could someday take pics like Mandi and a year ago he said ok to that. Anyway you have a ton of great things going for you and I am glad you have a little framed reminder of that.

auntiejenni said...

every single one of feels like this...i just wrote yesterday that i didn't feel "enough" what i was supposed to "be" for cryin' out loud. and i'm 61 freakin' years old and i don't know where the time's gone to and i'm still feeling like this. although i do feel about myself and what i can do better than i did about 30 of those years ago. if that doesn't scare the liver out of you...knowing you can still feel like this when you're in your 60's, i don't know what will. but cheer up girlie....and remember that each day you're getting better. really. and you still may be the only girl sitting by yourself in a room, but've got imagination and creativity to keep you company and that entire room of people can just suck pickles.

Shirley said...

So, you know, reading the comments, it's obvious that several of them know you personally, instead of just being bloggy friends. You really need to add all that love to the quotes as well. I think you're a really cool, interesting, funny person. You have a huge personality that shines thru the computer. That's really hard to do. When you are having those tough times, just start writing down all these lovely names in your comments, and what you like about them. Before you know it, you'll be having a hot flash from all the love shining thru!! :) Hugs girl!

Heather said...

I so needed this! We just moved, so I went to our new ward's Enrichment tonight. Totally didn't feel like I fit in. What's the best way to make people like you?? Tell them your most. humiliating. story. So I broke into the story about how I ran a marathon in the freezing rain and how after squatting behind a bush to, uh, relieve myself, I pulled my pants up and snagged an entire tumbleweed in the process. Ran nearly a mile with that huge thing hanging out of my numb bum before I realized it was there. Thought I'd get a laugh out of it. The crowd went silent and the only response I got back was, "Oh, I'm so sorry for you. That is so sad." How was that not funny!? So THANK YOU for your post!! "It doesn't matter who likes you. It matters that you are nice." You really hit the nail on the head! :)

slommler said...

Love your sign! It is super!!
Thank you

Neckmeat said...

I love it! :)

Libby said...

like, get out of my head! Apparently we're not alone in a crowed room...too many others feeling the same way. Kinda nice to remember that when I feel awkward in a crowded room.
I'm creating my 'sewing & office' room (dd moved out*sob* so I'm takin' it over) and a reaffirmation would look just right.
Thanks and remember it is crowded in the room :o)

Jentri said...

Love it!

Emily said...

I feel the same way. I love the poster. It would help so much to see it. I love the Just be you and the Be the girl who can sit by herself in a crowded room and not mind one bit! Those are awesome!

annie valentine said...

Man, me too. Except I tape them inside my kitchen cupboards and in front of the toilet.

Also, today I'm feeling extremely jealous and insecure about my husband and I have absolutely no idea why.

He thinks I need to talk to someone.


Lori said...

Reminds me of the song "in my own little corner, in my own little room, I can be whatever I want to be" Just perfect spot and love the framed quotes. Can I copy? Everyting is perfectly you. Do you like your new blog look, like meeting a old friend that has changed a bit.


Teri said...

I hear you, sister. Big hugs. For the record, I think you're fab.