Friday, June 17, 2011

Vanity, Thy Name Is Mandi.


My little vanity nook? One of my favorite things in this house,


Serious. I love my little space.

If you are a woman, you deserve, nay, need, your own vanity table.

Don't wear much makeup? Short hair?

It mattereth not.

Let me give the breakdown on my space de toilette.

My table-- the daddy-o made it many moons ago. And oh la la, those fluted legs.

Actually, it's a computer desk. But I'm tellin' ya, it's like he made it for me in mind. It's the purrrfect size-- and I just girly/Mandified it with a bit more molding here and there, and voila.

I want you to know:

only the best eau de parfums for moi. No price is too big. 'Mmm hmm.

Hidden away inside,

is my little tray that holds all my crap.

This tray-- it was a fun, small project I did one afternoon:

took some leftover solid oak pieces from the hubs. He told me I could use them as long as they were STAINED ONLY.

I said "SCREW YOU" "Alright, fine."



as aforementioned, my own lil personalized "poster" also sits on there with the best of all perfumes. Do ya wanna see it up close? Do ya? DO YA?

Of course you do. Did.

Did I mention I love my little nook? And my new dreamy light?

I do.

I dress like this every single day.

Don't you?

It's just so. . . rainbow wishes and caviar dreams around here.

Alright fine.

The hubs is already using my table as his own personal keys/wallet/cell phone space, you can fully expect a disaster of tangled flat iron/blow dryer/curling iron cords, 90% of the time I'll be sitting in that chair whipping my hair into a pony tail, wearing shorts with paint on the butt and one of my "Herb" shirts, and the full length mirror is being used for flexing biceps, making dufus faces, and I've already caught a kid licking it.


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Lisa said...

LOVING the vanity nook! And the licking of the mirror by a little Tremayne - hilarious!

Emily said...

I love it! It looks amazing. That would be so much fun to have a vanity table. You deserve it!

Dharma said...

I soooooo dress like that everyday too! LOL - nice work Mandi. You and I have the very same xpensive taste in fragrances I see :)

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

If I didn't have the smallest master bedroom EVA I would totally build one of these. It looks great.

Except I always drop and break my make-up, so it would be covered in broken eye shadows and blushes. Like my bathroom floor.

And, totally have the same mascara. Rock on.

RachelK said...

I have never in my entire life wanted a vanity, but now I do. And even though it took me sanding and repainting my computer desk 10 times before I got it right, now I'm debating repainting it. It might fit nicely in my boudoir (a room with a vanity is no longer JUST a bedroom).

WhettenWild said...

LOVE it! It turned out SO awesome! I want one!

Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl said...

It's just beautiful, pretty...

Layne Bushell said...

I've been waiting for the big final "reveal" and it didn't disappoint. Love it...and I loved all the quotes...especially the one that said....never be the cleaning nazi for the mystery person who might drop by.....ha new motto!

Heather@The Black's Best said...

I love that you keep it real while keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing. You really do inspire me! Love your new space too!

Teri said...

This is what the reaction to this post sounded like here: Oooooh! Pretty!!! Oh my gosh! I love it! Wait, what? BAHAHAHAHA!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

and here I thought I was alone with a window/mirror licking kid! :) AND, of course your vanity is DEVINE!

slommler said...

Yes I feel so much better! But you forgot the makeup smeared on the floor!!

Edna said...

Love your sense of humor, now following, especially cause I need a good laugh more often than others :-) Edna

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sigh*

Your vanity is dreamy!