Thursday, June 2, 2011

I deserve a spanking.

And a really, ree-hee-heally long timeout.


Today was a day. I mean, like, roll over at the butt crack of dawn with a 6 year old all up in your face, giving you the moment to moment movement of the wasp in the window that apparently everyone is afraid of,

whilst you dig the 3 year old's knees out of your back, hop over the top of said 3 year old because he pushed you to the very limits of your own dang bed,

pull the covers over your head, scream into the pillow because you can just tell you are going to be a psycho hose beast/ornery wench due to your couple hours of very interrupted sleep. . .

that sort of day. And it kinda went downhill from there.

Let's just say it ended with this mommy going on a "dinner strike", and everyone was forced to fend for their ungrateful selves, and my older two scolded me, JUST LIKE I WOULD SCOLD THEM, and told me I was being mean and a baby.

I might have responded with "I know you are but what am I?"

After which I gave myself a long timeout that included a Heath bar and bag of M&M's.

I kinda feel guilty. I kinda feel like today might be a day to mention, that I adore this project:

It's simple-- 365 days, one picture a day. What I'm grateful for. I've been working on this a little while now, and today's a day to remember those little, happy things.

I've also been working on "365 Ungrateful" too, but you know. Today's not that day to bust those 'uns out.


Stacy said...

Oh thank goodness - I thought there was an entire blog-world of happy housewives whose lives made mine pale in comparison.

Thanks for the honest view. Yesterday was my day - 4yr old at Ikea, with the kids area closed. Nice.

Anyway, appreciate the inside scoop on another *practically* perfect family.

slommler said...

I like the idea of "time out". And that you went on strike at dinner time...priceless!!
Come join me by the hot tub and I am serving Mojitos!!!
What cabana boy?

Lori said...

Love the little girl, little toes picture! Moms and timeouts don't really go together. But take the moments you can. You deserve it.

gina3 said...

Unfortunately I know how you feel. That's a great project (365 days). Great post contrasting all of this. It really captures how it is to be a parent. The picture of your little girl's legs with the fluffy skirt is priceless and beautiful!

Sarita said...

Can I just say I love reading your posts? They make me laugh because they're so real! You have the wit to write down what I think in my head on a daily basis. Thanks for writing! I'll keep reading :)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I gave myself a time-ouit the other day, also. Except I didn't have the awesome foresight, like you, to grab any kind of chocolate.

It would have been so much more effective with chocolate.

Pictures are gorgeous, per usual!

Amanda said...

Sweet juxtaposition of words and photos. :)

Jessie K said...

Yeah, timeouts are much better with chocolate.

I think yesterday was "The Day" to have a break down. Musta been the moon or something. That's what I'm blaming it on, anyway. There's no way I'm going to take responsibility for my behavior! ;) I didn't go on strike for supper as I was really hungry and the hubs was suggesting only fruit for supper. Which is better than cereal or chips and cheese, I guess. The kids, however, had to endure some pretty hormonal ranting and raving all day long!

Today is new day. So far, it's better!

Thanks for posting something we can all relate to!

Dharma said...

Testify sista!

I once ate a whole bag of easter eggies sittng on the john with the door locked so I could complete a time-out before I busted the windows out ;) with my ranting.

They get bigger, promise! As for 365 days of being grateful, I guess just getting to greet the day and to have happy, healthy evil-minions in it is reason to be grateful enough.

WhettenWild said...

Want me to come get the kiddos so you can take a nap? =)

Emily said...

I love your pictures. You always seem to capture the perfect moment.

UBee said...

So sorry you are a having a rough day today... I'm with you. The hubs is working 13 hrs today, and gets a nice, long, hour and half lunch out with the guys in between, whilst I am home with the four monsters (two of which are sick, and two are just plain 3 yr old twins, need I say more? Don't get me wrong, I do love 'em...well, when they aren't screaming at the top of their lungs). Oh and the van is in the shop (can you say t-r-a-n-s-m-i-s-s-i-o-n), so no outings to break up the day. And I am also on a dinner strike, but I think I will order pizza, because I wanna eat. lol. But I am still asking, when is my lunch break??? So I love your suggestion for the grateful 365. I had heard of (and tried project 365, and also heard of a grateful diary, but I truly la-ove the idea of a combo of both. I am a glass half empty girl and could really use the daily reminder of looking for the positive and time to focus on it a bit. And at the end of the year... all those blessings to look back on sounds simply mahhhhvelous. Thank you for sharing (and I do feel a bit better knowing I am not the only one not having a glorious day).

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

Thank you! sigh. I am in desperate need of a time out... these kids have been driving me nuts today.

I wanted to start a 365, there's no better time than a June 3rd, right? Loved all your pictures, you look so peaceful in that bed!

Teri said...

Ha! What a juxtaposition. Lovely photos!

Lauren said...

Oh thank you! Am currently up at the sparrows flatulence ah hem as my two year old kicked me out of bed. Literally kicked me in the head. Much like his older siblings he likes sleeping sideways..
Then I skip to my two favourite blogs (you and Kate) and you make me feel better instantly,
Love your work, from New Zealand :)