Thursday, May 5, 2011

Step By Step, Oooh Baby.

(Gonna get to ya girl).

I liked Donnie the best. Let the record show.

Anywho, I would love to be that totally awesome girlfriend who shows off this massive room remodel--

(prior to move-in shot)
but that's not me. Waaaaaay too many ants in the pants to not show every step of the way.

Plus, this is gonna take me a while- a month, maybe. Maybe a year. An eon. Who can say? See, I'm trying to keep thee ole work habits down to when the baby girl naps and bedtime. That's not all that conducive to a quickly done project, am I right?


Moving forward. May I show you what I've been hard at work on? The 1st step of this massive master bedroom re-no?

Thank you, you're so kind.

Step 1. (We can have lots of fun.)

Let me refresh your memory.

Are you feeling refreshed? Goody. The built-ins to flank my windowseat:

I wanted them more than I want a raspberry filled donut. I wanted them more than I wanted Pam & Jim to get together. And that's a lot.

I had two spots of wall for some little built-ins. They're not equal in size, but you work with what you've got, don'tcha?

(Hey, look! I picked A pillow! At this rate I'll definitely have it all decked out by 2022.)

Now, let me show you somethin'! (Fire Marshall Bill)

I made these as simple as possible. Ripped a 4x8 sheet of melamine, and made boxes out of the strips to the size of my little nooks:

Like so.

And with some intensive work, they'll be ready for the world's finest trailer park.

They needed extensive molding. Picked out some scraps from my scrap pile. Because, you know, I hardly have anything at all:

That's, oh, about 60% of it.

And I began trimming these bad boys out:

Oh my gosh! I actually used baseboard as the base, and crown molding for. . .crown molding!

I wanna tell you something. In theory, this should have been fairly simple. So how did I complicate the H out of it?

There are few times I've been this discouraged with my incompetence. We're talking, drilling in screws right out of the wood. Over, and over, and over. We're talking, heading down to Severus to make a corrective cut, not once, not twice, but thrice. I'm not gonna point out all the flaws and massive mistakes and the general tweaking that still need be done; makes me feel like I'm the fish being shot in the barrel.

Let's just keep it at this: while I do love my new built-ins, (someone come stage/decorate them for me) I'm wallowing in incompetent self-pity, and while I'm at it, a Leatherby's Gramma Grace's Sundae with extra caramel, alltomyself.

But moving on from this pathetic pity party.

I used scrap plywood for my doors-- just trimmed them out with the general wainscoting theme of the room. I adore the little hinges I used; they're lovely.

It's the little things.

Used those magnetic hardware thingys-- you know what I'm talking about? You push in, and it holds your cabinet back, push twice, and it releases?

Best explanation you've ever heard, I know.

No project is fully complete without a before and after.



I'm getting there. One discouraging project and gallon of ice cream at a time.


Lisa said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful!!!! Only thing is the after shot is missing those cute piggies in an afore-shared photo. It looks really amazing Mandi. Can you please come over and build me some built-ins?????? I've got ice cream!

WhettenWild said...

I love your window seat! I can't wait to see it in person. I can't wait to see the whole room......its so hard to tell from pictures!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Hey, your one pillow multiplied while you were building the shelves. Awesome! It's coming along quite nicely. My bedroom doesn't have any trim. None around the windows, none around the doors, no baseboards. Nothing. And it's been that way for almost three years, since we ripped off the exterior wall of my bedroom and bathroom and made them both much, much, much bigger. So big that most of the former bedroom turned into a walk-in closet. And speaking of closet, some day my Dear just might finish building all the shelves in there. :) Mandi, you rock!

Aleks said...

its like a whole new room!! gosh, i bet the people that lived there before are kicking themselves they didnt think to do that. im kicking myself i didnt think to live there and do that.

Bee said...

That looks great!! it is inspiring me... but maybe I'll just get new pillows:) what if you painted the wall white to inside the bump out? I like the contrast too- but maybe it would make it look more cohesive?

calikas said...

omg that looks so so amazing!!
I Envy your skillz man.

MariaT said...

it looks fantastic!

The Crump Family said...

It looks great, and by the way I look forward to reading your blog everyday. You crack me up, I wish I could be as funny as you. I love all your molding projects, you rule! ~Andi

Shirley said...

I am in no way, shape or form as talented/skilled/able to do what you do, so......I'm seriously showing this to my dear hubs for inspiration. Translates(do this for me please, honey. You know if Mandi can, you can). Yes, I am that low and manipulative.

Catherine G said...

Did you end up caulking along the side to make it look more attached to the wall? I know it involves touching up wall paint later but it really does help finish the look!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a beautiful space you are creating! Even if you see the flaws and the mistakes behind it, we all think you are freakin' amazing!!

p.s. ice cream is one of the very best forms of self-medication. :)

Tam @ Sew Dang Cute said...

Wow that turned out amazing! You did such an incredible job (like always)!!!! Love, love this!!!

Farra said...

Nice! I also love that sign. Can you tell me all of the words on it? Pretty please.

Renee said...

LOVE IT! It's so beautiful! ...& if you need someone to go to Leatherby's - Call me! :)

UBee said...

That looks amazing! You did a fantastic job there!!! And I had to come and tell you that I was inspired by you and actually used a nail gun today!!!!! HA! My hubs was working on a window seat/bookshelf combo for me (it's been in the works for a while now, great minds think alike, eh?) and I took over and nailed some of it. {Big cheesy smile} It was really only a couple, but hey, I did it. Thanks for all the inspiration...and we are totally going to copy your gorgeous molding.

slommler said...

Well!! You have done a fabulous job for sure!!! I love them! It looks wonderful!
You are getting there! I am proud of you!

Emily said...

Those look awesome! I would love a built in bookself I just don't have anywhere to put it. And I love the pillows on your window seat. Super cute!

P.S. I have to tell you again, I love your clumsy card house sign!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Love the courage the new tools have given your. Your projects are getting bigger and more complicated. Love how they turned out.
Can't wait to see your next project.

Candice said...

Holy crap!! I can't believe you made those. Do your talents know no bounds? You are amazing! I wish I lived close and you could teach me how to use power saws. Ok that sounded really stalkerish but I promise I'm not, just in awe of your talent and wanna learn!

Audra said...

Self Pity aside. These are amazing. Words fail me, which is pretty dang rare. Holy Crapola is rock. cream, chocolate, dr. pepper, what ever gets you through the rough spots!

dena4kids said...

A-MAZE-ING!!! I love it! I am now jealous! Thanks.

msmariah said...

This is beautiful. Definitely inspires me to do something with my drab master bedroom.

Day Dreaming And Decorating said...

I just found your blog and find it truthful and a bit funny. This built in came out great. I think I am going to try in my eat in kitchen area to make one of these

Meg said...

Dang girl can you come on over and just whip one of those out for me?

It looks awesome and what a great place to do your pole dance moves minus the pole, lol!


kiki comin said...

It looks always. loving your pillows.:)