Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Ain't No Craft Blog.


up until recently, was thee most popular post on the bloggity blog.

Besides it leaving me scratching my head, going, "Why??" I also wanted to yell,


I'm nothing if not real with ya. It was a hunk a junk. As are most things I crapt.

Anyways. . .

I've shared the embarrassing truth that I'm a big time journaler before.

I've got a stack of journals. That's just me.

I've also shared that I am a picture snapping/loving freak before, too.

It's part of my mental situation.

So what am I saying?

Nothing. Everything.

I'm saying, I love to write. I'm saying I'm just a girl who occasionally writes about crap.

Literally and figuratively.

I'm saying I overuse italics.

I'm saying I like to chat about whatever blows my skirt up.

I'm saying I gotsta keep it real.

I'm saying this is all me. Me me me me me me. Me.

I'm saying that I also like to occasionally make crap.

And build crap.

And use massive amounts of molding.

And fauxhawk my children.

And I'm hoping you'll forgive me for that.

Not just the fauxhawk. The whole "Not a craft blog" dealy-o.

See, if I felt pressure to come up with stuff to blog about, I know me.

It would suck the fun out of blogging. It wouldn't be fun anymore to always just "come up with a craft so I can blog".

This blog would die a quick death if I focused solely on my crapting, and being a "crafter". Frankly, I don't know how craft/decorating blogs do it. I don't know how they can keep that up for long, wondering "What will I do next week?"

So I hope you don't mind that you get a whole lotta real me.
And kid's poo faces.

Maybe occasionally a robot shirt thrown in there.

And little boys in tutus.

And oftentimes a whole lotta half-nudity.

Occasionally a mental breakdown thrown in there, too. (Oh. . .hey! Happy Mother's Day! Read about my motherly mental breakdown!!)

Maybe all a that's what you're here for.

And thanks.

But if you're not,

my sincerest apologies.


Shirley said...

Oh my word, girl, I just come here for the laughs! Never would I have dreamed of the jewelees on the nibbies! The faux hawks and the robot shirts, oh my yes. Hope you have an awesomely happy mommy day!

Jen said...

Mandi! I love love love your blog! I adore the occasional craps, but you and your supremely delightful personality are what keep me clicking on your blog FIRST in my google reader. That being said, I would like to encourage you (in a totally not-really-that-pathetic-because-i-really-do-have-like-3-real-life-friends way) to move to Missouri and be my new BFF. No pressure! :)

PS. Happy Mother's Day!

thopler said...

one word.....hilarious!

WhettenWild said...

I come here for the the fun, the laughs.....and the adorable pictures of my darling nephews and niece.

Happy Mothers' Day to an awesome Mom!

calikas said...

You don't have to apologize for how you write your blog. Out of all the crafty/renovating/random blogs that I read, you are BY FAR my favorite. You style is unique, and I love to read each post.

I hate reading blogs that are forced, like you mentioned above.

keep doin whatcha do.

UBee said...

I agree with the others, you are crazy funny, sarcastic, and real. And don't sell yourself short, maybe you don't do many crafty-schmafty things, but you do massive, large, blow-your-mind kinda projects that we don't see anywhere else (at least not many for women). I read this blog for YOU, so go on, keep bein' you, and we'll all be happy!!!

Kathleen said...

Ditto above except move to Maryland, Harford county to be exact. Love, love, love your blog. Your kids are adorable. I will warn you though that at some point your son is not going to be happy about that picture with the gems! :) Happy, happy Mothers day to you!


Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Here for your perspective! You keep me laughing! Thanks, and I feel the same way. I love to create but I also like to enjoy what I create and don't want to keep making something just to throw it in the closet so I have room for my next creation!:)

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Love the poo faces...

This made me laugh b/c my most popular post is of the craft origins as well. {i write about a whole host of stuff too.}

although dabbling a bit in the home/craft blog sector has made me the most organized that I have ever been in my adult life.

i meal plan. i sew.

the 20 year old me would balk at the 30ish me...

dena4kids said...

I say whatever you want to write I want to read! I love ya man!=)

What's next said...

love. love. love the blog... it's just what you need it to be! I just have crap making envy, very badly actually... I've been asking for saws and such. If I get them could you come visit???

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I'm with everyone else. We love the way you write. The realness of you. There's something to be said for many of us wanting you to move so you can become our newest BFF. I wish I could write like you. I'm also glad you know how to spell faux hawk. I admire your drive and determination, and ability to finish projects. I'm more of a starter myself. I have two living room walls painted, that I painted about a month ago. Now I'm waiting for the other two to paint themselves. Along with the hallway and the rest of the house. You are an inspiration.

Lisa said...

Alleluia to writing what you want to write, and to blogging about whatever floats your boat.
You could not possibly fit into one little category anyway, my friend!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with those sweet little munchkins of yours and their fauxhawks!

Emily said...

I love your blog, I think you are funny and super talented and I think you are an amazing woman and mom. So you go a head and write about whatever you want, because I think YOU ROCK!

Terrell said...

This post just cracked me up! Like every other post's just pure reality and I love it! Keep up the great work, being a wonderful mom and crafter/projecter/home redoer that you are :)
Love it!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

so i'm a crafter.

and i read craft blogs.
and I have about two blogs in my bloglovin that aint's craft blogs.

yours is one of those.

yes. it does crafts.
and awesome crafts.
and oh the molding....
and did i mention those awesome photos that I drool over and want to pay you to come and snap some of my kids...

but i'm hear for another reason.
the movie quotes...
the humor
especially the italics.

you had me at the dookie in the tub.

the crafts are just a bonus.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

and when I say hear. i mean here. like HERE.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I come for the crazy good story telling pictures. And the laughs. And the wood working. And do you think pulling on her foot helps with the pooing? I should try that.

Meg said...

I love the pooping picture, gotta have one of those in your collection!

Great post and keeping it real is why you are loved!


Mommybreath said...

A gigantic nuclear furnace...
I think your projects are craptastic! You have a gift with the lens as well.
Keep up the good work. :)

Selina said...

I have so enjoyed reading through your posts - crafty ones and not crafty (or crappy) :-) You are great - I would just say keep up whatever you are doing, people obviously like it! (near 700 followeres girl!) And I'll make it one # closer :-) Anyway, I struggle with feeling like I have to make my blog a craft blog and so when I add other stuff about my kids/life/photos etc if wonder if people will be thinking What is She Doing! But OH WELL - I like my blog, a big mess of stuff - ha!

Selina said...

PS :-) where is the pottery barn mirror knockoff. (I think that was you - I'm coming from West Furniture Revival) I tried to find it but I'm lost :-) Two gadgets that I have enjoyed adding to my blog is the "most popular posts" and the "search" button. People seem to like using them.