Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can I have a word??

There's something I'd like you to know.

I get discouraged. And not just about that shirt/shoes combo. And I don't mean just a little discouraged--

I mean, like, hands stretched out to the sky, yelling, "Why? WHY??"

That kind of discouragement.

I mean like, when I "joke" that my projects are a hot mess, I'm not really joking. I mean, the last year and a half in my house, with all the massively creative, but awesomely craptastic, insane-in-the-membrane schemes I've had have been a learning curve of epic proportions for me.

Use a saw? Build something? ME??

But back to this discouragement:

I can jack something up like it is nobody's biz-nis. I've often stifled the desire to yell "Don't look that close! Stand back! Like, 20 feet!" whilst someone looks at my latest crap-letion.

So what am I saying, besides that I am a screw-up?

Nothing. Everything.

I guess I'm saying that in the wake of ginormous projects looming in my very near future,
(hint hint)

I could stay in the corner of my room, rocking back and forth, mumbling "what's the use?" with large portions of chocolate,


I could embrace that I'm a slow learner. Embrace all those bad paint jobs, bad cuts, dumb-butt injuries, and "I don't get it." 's.

I could simultaneously take a tip from Yoda, and "Do or do not. There is no try.", and one from Captain Nesmith, and "Never give up; never surrender."

I think I'll do that.

And, I mean, practice makes perfect, right?

Even if I need a hundred times more practice then the next guy?


Anonymous said...

Hun, you deserve a gold metal for being honest about trying! The average blogger never shares the goofs, blunders and outright horrible messes! Most of us are right there with you on all of it! Yep, Yoda's wisdom is priceless...Here is one I have in a little picture frame to read every day...He who tries can fail, but he who doesn't try already blessed!

Kerrye said...

I'm feeling a little better about the mess I made when I spray painted my patio furniture black last week, on the patio, on a windy day, with a too-small drop cloth underneath... Maybe no one will notice the stencil-like designs on the patio... Maybe I should buy an outdoor rug...

Jill said...

Don't they make a pill for that?
{I'm kidding!}
Was this post about me? Cuz I can realte to each and every word of it. Darlin' ~ you are not alone. I think you're being a little hard on yourself. You're Beautiful! ...and so are your projects! Hot Mess or Not! You just keep on doin' what you do. =D

Emily said...

I love all of your hot messes! I think you are awesome to try new things and then you have all this amazing stuff as the outcome. There is nothing like saying...Yep I did that.

tbonesgirl1234 said...

I'm Angie, 'Long time listener, first time caller.' :)
I love that you show us or talk about the 'hot messes'. Coupled with your sense of humor (because if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?) it's the main reason I read your blog! You make me feel like I can do it too! The blogs that show perfection w/o a mess up now and then make me feel like I can't measure up to that.
Keep on doing what you're doing. I look forward to that garden design! =D

Robin said...

oh man i can relate to what you're impressed that you don't give up learning and trying. inspires me to do the same.

lizrunge87 said...

thank you for your honesty/vulnerability. i'm JUST starting out on this whole diy-improve-your-home thing and i've made plenty of mistakes so far. it's so encouraging to hear that even the best make mistakes. (yes, you, you're the best. seriously. my favorite projects/blog/sense of humor ever.) too much? ok. be encouraged as you have encouraged me. :)

Dharma said...

Favourite question after posting one of my own "hot messes".....from my spectacularly sensitive husband:

What, exactly, were you *going* for there?

Live and learn. Keep on truckin' Mama. If you're not showing the debacles you're one of THOSE bloggers anyway. Seriously, you want to be one of THOSE? LOL

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

That makes me feel better about the fact that I made my daughter 2 dresses and 1 tunic over the last week.

First dress: Pretty cute. Yay me!

Tunic: Her head wouldn't even fit through the neck hole! Painstakingly added a slit and button to the back only to find out that the torso wasn't wide enough for her to get her arms into the armholes!

Second dress: BARELY fit the head through and then the chest is so tight she looks like a 22 month old hooker!

Thankfully daughter thinks trying to cram herself into poorly made clothing is funny. So thanks for posting how you feel too!

WhettenWild said...

Everything you do turns out fantastic! Can't wait to see your newest project.

Your #1 fan

calikas said...

one of my favorite quotes of all time! "do, or do not. There is no try"

You can do it! And all your projects are fantastic, but also very large, I can see how they would get frustrating at times. You always seem to make them work though!

JennRose said...

Thomas Edison said "I have not failed. I've found 1000 ways not to make a lightbulb" Keep going!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Galaxy Quest, FTW! I love that quote too. And what I do see of your projects looks pretty fantastic from here. Could be because I'm about 300 miles away, but looks good from here. Must be the lighting. And, at least you are doing something. Me, I'm just sitting here on my butt, enjoying the way you write, and wishing I could be as cool as you.

Jen said...

Don't make me go out and find you a Charlie Sheen shirt that says "DUH, WINNING" on it to replace that LOSING poster you just posted. ;) Don't be so hard on yourself, sista! You are a BI-ZAY woman with four little tinys to take care of and a traveling hubby. You ROCK at EVERYTHING you do, perfect or not.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

I am at a loss here and not sure what is wrong. I think you have major talent and guts. I never see "crap" on your blog. There is now way to learn except trial and error. Have you hear the quote by Thomas Edison? "I haven't failed, I have just found 10,000 ways it doesn't work." I can't wait to see that garden. I know it will be wonderful.

Dede said...

You know what, I'm with Tracy. I think everything I've seen on your blog has blown me a GOOD way! And really, perfection is overrated. There's no personality in something that is perfectly perfect, and I much prefer projects that, while STUNNING, are still doable. That's what you give, muh dear. Love you and your blog!

Lisa said...

My first comment was just lost into the black hole of the internet. Hmmmmm. It went something like this.....
You are the MAN, girl! I am traumatized that you live half a country away from me so I can't see you in real life. I could stand 20 feet away from all your projects and admire them, and then you could come over and do the same. It'd be a blast. Do you know how many people, let alone WOMEN, would even attempt half the stuff you do? I LOVE reading about your projects, it gives me the confidence to try some carpentry projects that intimidate me but I'm dying to try.
Okay what the heck is that poster?/vinyl?/canvas? that you are plastering to your wall up there? Detes, please.
Thanks for keeping it real but truly, I hope you know how much you inspire! (And amuse!) :)

Carrielyn said...

According to my husband, crafting is better and cheaper than therapy for me... whether it's sniffing the paint fumes or the glue, no matter how much I screw it up, and how many times I do it over, I am always happier after I stand back and say, "I think I'm done. Don't look to close, just tilt your head a squint."

If Martha can go to JAIL and still be Martha, I think we're allowed to be less than perfect in our crafting!

kate said...

I used an electric screwdriver the other day and thought of you. I felt a little cool. I know, sissy stuff, but electric screwdrivers are the gateway power tool, right?

Stefanie said...

Like I always tell one of my favorite elderly residents, "Keep on truckin'!" On a sidenote: I just caught myself typing away like my computer was going to correct the mistakes and do autospeller like my phone does! I am pretty sure that was my sign that I may text too much! Anywho, Love ya to pieces Mandi and all of that FABULOSITY ooozing through those veins of yours!

Renee said...

Are you going to do Anna's pergola????? Wowsers, I am so excited!

dena4kids said...

You keep using that word(crap)... I dunno think it means what you think it means.=)
Love ya!!!

Teri said...

It's your honesty and your "realness" that keep me so interested in your home projects. That, and you're wicked funny. But I appreciate knowing I'm not the only one who doesn't have this all figured out! LOL