Monday, March 14, 2011

Look At This Photograph.

I have this thing about snaps.

You know, snapshots? Thee ole family photo album?

I love them. The older, the better. You could find me at a very young age flipping through old pictures, like, all the time.

See, snapshots are memories.

And, well, to be honest, I don't foresee any kid ever going,

"Remember that one time we got all dressed up and went over to Sears for our pictures? Aaahhh, the memories. .. "

I'm not knockin' the formal portrait. They have their place. I'm just sayin' that it's a personal opinion that all those "other" photos will infinitely mean more.

But that's just me.

And you know, not to say that the kids are gonna grow up and go,

"Remember that one time you snapped a picture of me half-naked by the window? That was awesome."

'Cause, you know, they're not gonna.

So, what am I saying?



I'm saying that the hubs told me he had to look pretty far back in thee old bloggity blog for a picture of our eldest.

Well, that's because we don't love him, anymore. Duh.

Really, though, it made me sad.

I enjoy taking those snaps, just because.

That's what I'm saying.

I'm saying that I have little to no portraits of me. And that's how I like it.
But I will regret it.

No, don't turn your head.

I'm saying that I look better sideways. That's what I decided. And I don't airbrush my pores for you, or anybody!

I'm saying that the ones with character are the good ones. Even if there is a flood in the left bat cave.

I'm saying-- snap away.

I'm saying, that one day, when we're old and gray, rocking in our rocking chairs with our photo albums, we won't flip through them and go:

"Man, I really caught your personality in these photographs. And that is something I deeply regret."

Pretty sure. Unless maybe you've like raised a crazy psycho or something.

And, frankly, sometimes I wonder.

(Tracy's Portrait Party)


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Someday I am gonna be as good as Mandi at my photos. You know you are my photo idol. I truly love pics of your kids. Love them. I wish you would do a blog post everyday so I could get my smile on! I like the sidways one of you too! Thanks for linking! P.S. What settings do you use?

Jen said...

I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who has my camera out for random ocassions. I'm often chastised for it by my kids and hubby! They get very annoyed with it. But I KNOW that someday, SOMEDAY, they'll appreciate it! I, like you, have very few of me. I prefer to stay behind the camera. =)

Libby said...

I also have annoyed kids...but lots of photos of them! Though #2 did wonder why we didn't have many of him as a wee child (he's 28). I found a few and framed them for him. He left it behind so I hung it up in our dining room.
Keep shooting, to paraphrase the work/family comment on the deathbed, no one ever said "gee I wish I took less photos of us".

Love the shots Mandi--as usual.

Kristi@living-blessed-life said...

I love this post, that's exactly how I feel. However, my ol' hub-a-roo said, *insert sarcastic mocking tone* "you keep snapping all these pics of us, and one day your kids are going to look at them and wonder why mom isn't in any of our memories" As irratated as I was with that comment, making me want to kick him in the crotchical region, I thought about it. I now make sure and attempt to be decent and get in some of the shots with them. No, those aren't the ones that get posted, but I'm really glad I have them!!! :)

calikas said...

You take such wonderful photographs! You have a knack for it for sure.

I absolutely love the one of your girl, where the focus is on her hands.

And I completely agree with everything in this post. I also scanned mom's photo albums, and boxes of pictures that didn't make it in the albums as a are amazing. They help re-live good memories, even if you didn't know it is going to be a good memory at the time.

Cindy said...

Adorable pictures and precious post! So true...snap while you can, they grow up sooo fast!

Emily said...

I love the pictures you take of your kids. They are so cute!!

Lisa said...

Love how you capture your kids close up. My 12 year old has pretty much banned me from taking his photo so I have to sneak up on him, take them when he doesn't know I'm taking them. Love that your kids SMILE for the camera! And how you capture their eyes - oh I love that!
One more thing.... I turned my head and looked at your portrait and it's gorgeous (you're gorgeous that is, dahling). How the heck do you take a picture of yourself??????? Please do a photog tute one of these days!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What sweet pictures and commentary. You did a nice job.

HeatherLovesClay said...

Way Fun! Thanks for not airbrushing your pores! I love the pictures of your kids!

Teri said...

"And that is something I truly regret." Priceless! These are awesome shots! :) I love the everyday shots, too.

gina3 said...

Great post and just gorgeous pictures. If I could photograph half as good, I would snap away more. I think it's interesting your hubby thought there were a lack of your oldest. Usually, the more children you have, the less pics of the younger ones. Parents get so many of the first and maybe second but then get too busy to snap the younger ones. Your kids, all of them, are lucky their mom takes the time to snap amazing photos of all of them.

Ashley Tremaine said...

OMGosh...I am loving your blog!! My last name is Tremaine also! We have 3 boys and 1 girl as well!! You are incredibly talented and seriously funny!! I am thrilled I found you! Pleased to be your newest follower!!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Man your kids are stinkin cute. My fear is I will have ugly kids. Ya, I'll "love them", but still.

Also, whenever I take photographs of myself, I have a double chin. Always. People have always said to me "Have you ever thought about being a model" because I'm tall, and I'm like, um no, I'm the most unphotogenic and awkward person in front of the camera ever. Cue the double chin.

Mallory said...

I have refrained until now, but I can't hold it back anymore. You have. The most. ADORABLE little girl. She is seriously cuter than your average cutie. There will never be too many pictures of her on this blog.

Pressed Petals said...

i love the pics you take! always so real. thanks for not touching up your pores, then i'd have to too!