Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm feeling surly today.

And so, I would like to make known my distaste of the holiday named "New Years".

Don't hate me. If you love New Years (Day or Eve), please tell me why you do and then I shall adopt your tradition and try harder next year.

Really. I'm an open-minded kind of gal, I swear. I fully admit to listening to Barry Manilow, and I even eat curry now for crying out loud.

But I digress.

I have this thing about a personalized calendar. Why? I have no frickin' idea. Not sure why I can't just go to Walmart, pick a calendar covered in cats and be done with it.

2 years ago, I got all crapty and made my own scrapbook-y one:

Last year, in some sort of subconcious passive-aggressive action to the prior year's efforts, I went all lazy:

And this year, I did an in-betweeny.

(all I can say is, I guess my boys kick each other a heckuvalot.)

And I like it. And it was cheap. And easy. Just like a daytime hooker.

And they messed up and sent me two. So double the pleasure, double the fun I 'spose.

Now, I can still talk about New Years, and it's resolution opportunities, can't I? It's only the 2nd week of January, right? Did I miss the boat?

Oh, what the hey, who cares.

Last year, I began my "101 in 1001" list. 101 different proj├ęts to be completed in 1001 days.

So, I looked it over. And I will have you know that I completed. . . .wait for it. . .


of those 101 items. Go me.

Now, some of these are boring items, like these for instance:

9. Cash out/close Wells Fargo Account
39. Take boys for one-on-one activities

(I assure you it's not boring to them.)

45. Get a great tan
55. Have a fondue party
56. Get Kenna to sleep through the night
59. Get a cheese grater thingy like at Olive Garden
79. Learn how to get up before my kids, shower, and get them to school on time

And so on and so forth.

And some are a tad more notable.

4. Learn to play the harmonica

I highly recommend this. Bust out your banjo and fiddle and let's jam.

16. Get a rad looking "street light" lamp for the family room

42. Have a seriously organized pantry

With a couple additions after this picture was taken, it's as good as it's gonna get.

64. Get all the old pics off my old computer and onto our external drive
And now I can have awesome little diddies like these:

at my fingertips. And Gramma, I must say, your hair is so boss.

84. Get the hooks up for snow clothes

74. Find those cool roman numerals for the other side of the wall

And so on and so forth.

So I guess I didn't waste all of 2010 playing Zuma. Or watching Netflix. Or playing Guitar Hero.
Well, hot dang. (Yeah, swearing's on that list, too).


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

You are rad! And don't forget all that trim work!n That has to count for a least 55 more things! And, I so admire your #59! That grater thingie is pretty cool!

WhettenWild said...

I think 35 out of 101 is a lot! Nice job. Love that green dress I'm wearing in that old picture. ha ha.

gina3 said...

Maybe you need to post a warning on your blog about not taking a big drink of something before reading. The "like a daytime hooker" just about killed me and left spots on my coffee table :) Hilarious. I had one of those calendars made and it was great. Mine wasn't as good as yours since my photography skills are so bad but my blurry son still looked better than some random cats I don't know. Congrats on getting so many things on your list done.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

I was just thinking today how I wish I had made a calendar. Maybe next year. I like your piano bench. ARe you loving your new saw???

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Oh and I love the bruised legs photo....

Libby said...

I must agree, your Gramma's hair IS 'boss'! Puts all you other guys to shame.
35/101 is decent work, is playing Zuma on the list too? At least you MADE a list AND worked on it!

My tradition? Have the tree down before my birthday (Jan. 7) and confetti angel food cake for the big day. After those? Avoid conflicts with the law by watching where I park and how fast that speedometer is going. You can borrow those 'heady' traditions.

Happy New Year :o)

Layne Bushell said...

I think I accomplished about 2 things last you did 17x more stuff than me! I think that's awesome because you followed through with something!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

woot woot, way to go Mandi! you never cease to amaze us. can I just say that the pic of "miss adorable"( Jan 2010 ) is to die for? looking forward to 2011 with you!

annie valentine said...

And to think I was about to tell you how great it feel to accomplish a few (two) resolutions throughout the year. Now I want to go throw up on my craft room and run over my camera with the car. These pictures make me want to live your life, or at least break out in song..."Raindrops on roses and coat hooks for backpacks, nice tans and pantries and OH MY GOSH WHO DOES THIS MUCH AWESOME STUFF IN ONE YEAR?

dena4kids said...

No you did not say "cheap, and easy, like a daytime hooker"! Good times, good times.=)

slommler said...

My only resolution for 2010 was "TRY"!! And I did! I tried my best and feel pretty good about last yet! Ha!
This year my word is "ACHIEVE" and we will see how I do with this!
I don't do overwhelming for me. Just too too much!!
You have done so well...and I love your pantry! Wish I had one!!??!!

HS with Him said...

Ok, I agree with Annie Valentine, you are making us all feel bad!! And, the #59? I got one from Pampered Chef, and am sorely disappointed. Much more work than it's worth.
I would so love to know how to make the cool calendar. Where did you get it done? Oh, and if you could just come to my house and make the cool pics, that would be great too! :)
Blessings, Shirley

Emily said...

I love your calendar. I make one every year too! But I didn't accomplish as much last year. Your projects are the coolest!

Leca Unplugged said...

I think you're a little ambitious. That's quite a list. My New Years resolution is to not hold in my farts all the time. It's working. So I guess I'm on track.

Teri said...

Dear Mandi. Please post a tutorial on productivity. You are the master. Sincerely, Teri.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh....I came on here to say something, but it completely slipped my mind after I read Leca Unplugged's comment....I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Wow, just wow...hahahaha.

Mandi, you are 1/3 of the way through with your projects, and about 1/3 of the way through the days, right? (Unless my calculations are wrong, which is, sadly, entirely possible.) So you are right on track!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I don't like New Years because I don't like holidays that involve people peer pressuring me to stay up late.

I think 35 is so good. I thought about doing 1 per week, then I was like, no 1 per month. Not I'm thinking 1 per two months...

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

There's just so much I could say here. . . Not sure where to begin. So, I'll just wish that we were neighbors so that you could make me laugh this hard