Thursday, April 29, 2010

You'll have to excuse my friend; she's a litttle slow.

"The town is that way!"
Name that movie.

So I'm a little slow. At tiling, that is.

Tiling sucks, man. When I forget how bad it sucks in a month, and I tell you I have a hankering to tile my master bathroom,, it's your job-- nay, your duty, to remind me that I will hate myself.

Umkay? We straight?

'Cause this is what we're talking about.

Stupid scoring tool.

I'm a tad indecisive.

Does this just not scream: Is your husband an engineer?? Maybe? For my personal, "here's your tiling design choices in PDF format"?

And finally,

That is what you think it is. On my beadboard. In my bathroom.
Any questions on why I desperately wanted to tile?
Carpet? Bathroom? 4 boys?
If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make some empty threats. Maybe something along the lines of,

"You see THIS?? Next time, you keep your mind on the game, or I'm going to rip off your arm and beat you with the bloody stump. We straight?"

Maybe that's a tad too harsh. Maybe.


Janelle Bartlome said...

Ya, I have 5 boys in my house. I want sign, maybe made out of vinyl, that says "Keep your mind on the game, or I'm going to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody stump." I think it would look good in my bathroom.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

Oh so not too harsh.

I'm ready to institute a "I don't care if you have a p***s, you will sit down!" policy.

(And I didn't asterisk cause I'm bothered by the word, or think you or your readers are bothered by the word, I just don't want to be responsible for what Google might do with you and an unsavory search string if I leave it just sitting there.)

And...can you come help ME tile?

Emily said...

I so want to tile my bathrooms upstairs. is it a pain in the butt??
P.S. this may be a little to late, but we have a tile cutter. Dave bought one when he finished the basement downstairs and you can use it anytime.

Layne Bushell said...

I love all your design choices. My favorite is the one on the diagonal where you said it wasn't straight and would be a pain in the buttox. I also liked the one that looked "off kilter" but wasn' was cool.... can't wait to see it!

Ashlee said...

Dumb and dumber... Should I be embarrassed that I got that movie quote RIGHT AWAY!

I LOVE tiling and would say that if it's a smaller space go with the diaganol "a few easy cuts" picture. That plan really helps make a room feel bigger.

Also my mom's rule, that I've carried into my household is if you Sit I'll clean the bathroom, if you don't sit it's your job! So my husband, feeling it's more MANLY to stand cleans all the bathrooms! Win Win!

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Wow, good on you for tackling tiling!! Looks painful, never done it and now I'm not sure I want to:)

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Wow, good on you for tackling tiling!! Looks painful, never done it and now I'm not sure I want to:)

gina3 said...

I love all the tile options but I would go with easy-no cuts because I have no patience when doing projects and want them done yesterday. As for the little piddle on your wall, I have a son and so we had lots of piddle in and around the toilet area in the bathroom. Simple fix: make them clean it. Start young and instruct them on how to clean it. My son thought that was so gross but I said if he couldn't aim, then he could clean. He has great aim now (but at 13 is responsible for cleaing his bathroom.)

Doll said...

oh wow - now im scared of tiling!!! :P

dena4kids said...

LOL! I want a sign for my bathroom, keep your head in the game! Good one!=)
Oh yeah good luck with tiling!

♥ Calamity Anne ♥ said...

Oh I love it...that little yellow dot is soooo recognizable. Why can't guys get their aim straight!!!

Teri said...

Ha! I hear you, girl. That blister is awful! :(

Oh, and "Dumb and Dumber"! :)

chris w said...

I feel your pain. Both for the tile and for the pee.

I don't think that message is too harsh. I think it's juuuuuust right. Especially if you stenciled it and then sanded the heck out of it. ;)

In the years to come, every time you look at your bathroom floor you will simultaneously get this intense feeling of pride that you did it and curse the man who invented tile along with all of his descendents.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Ya, I know all about it. Sick! I haven't figured out what to do with that problem. Tile will help.
Good luck.

1 Funky Woman said...

No, frankly I don't think you were harsh enough! What do they do in there? I think they hit other places on purpose, it's a game to them.

So my son has this problem with lifting the lid. He just doesn't want to touch it, so he just pees and thinks he is getting it in the hole, hmmm that doesn't sound good. Anyway I digress, he ends up splashing the seat and then you know who goes to sit down not knowing he has been in there, yes moi.

I of course scream because my ass is wet and then I am pissed and yell at him that he must lift the lid. He of course laughs and I forget to tell you I look like Medusa because its morning and I have crazy hair and just wish I could turn him into stone!