Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He is the best of children. He is the worst of children.

I'm waxing philisophical.

The reason being, that Jacie-Jace is 5 today.

And yes. He has been my best, easiest kid, and he can also be my hardest, drive-me-to-drink kid.

(You are not imagining things-- the water in our Houston home was yellow).
My worst sleeper by far. Yet such a happy lil baby.

My Iron Man singin',

Worst-tantrum-you've-ever-witnessed 2 year old. (Just ask our friends in Gastonia, NC-- they've got stories. Also, I've got video/pictures)

He's the different one. While the other 3 are little clones of each other, he's the "switched at birth" one.

I really need to trade lashes with this kid. What little boy needs lashes like that? C'mon!

He's my totally sweet, yet hates hugs and kisses, can't stop talking, social, gonna be in trouble in school, child.

(Annoying the crap out of chatting with the neighbor girls)

And gosh darn it,

I love that kid.


La TempĂȘte said...

He is so precious! What a beautiful boy!

Emily said...

He is a cute little kid. I love this age.

chris w said...

Love it. It's funny- I was going through all of Jaren's pics since he was little right before his birthday too. 5 must be the age that makes you look back. ...and say holy crap, how did he get so big?

WhettenWild said...

LOVE that picture of him talking to the neighbor girls. That is so cute. Oh and the first one with his face in the photo album. Really all of them are cute.

Oh and he truly is Alexia's twin cousin. It seriously sounded like you we describing her!

dena4kids said...

We love Jace!=) He does have some beau-ti-ful lashes!
PS you also for got to mention how funny this kid is! He can come up with some stuff!=)

Rebecca D said...

too funny and too cute!