Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When your turn 30, there's nothing left to do. . .

except for humiliate the total living crap out of yourself.

Which is why I dug up my most embarrassingest moldy oldy pictures for your enjoyment. Woot! Let the shame games begin!

Ya know,

when you're young you really can't be blamed for anything. You don't do your own hair or dress yourself. You're innocent. Wow I had a lot of hair when I was born.

Mom, what are you wearing?! ;)

Um, yeah, I was um ready for church apparently, until I decided to join my bro in the tub.

I think I might have some red hair there. . . ?

Moving on to the big 80's bangs.

Mo I cropped you out- I don't want to be in trouble. Even though for the record, you do look cute in that picture.

Ah, there we go. Humiliations galore.

Oh man.

And we get into a whole new realm of embarrassment: the early 90's dance costumes.

I'm so glad these are low quality.
Holy crap. I should show you the smurf blue costume I wore.

No. I won't do it. If I'm to have a shred of respect left in my . . .

Oh, no you di-n't. For the love of. . . .

You're lucky that was the dark picture of it. Shudder. I've got worse ones- I just can't find 'em. Think shiny, tight spandex, and massive neon polka dots.

Teenage angst.

High-waisted jeans.
Bad skin.

High-waisted dance pants. (Jazz Hands!!)

school dances.

Bad skin.

Weird looking facial/eye expressions.

Just plain out being a retard. Heather do you remember these? I've got some smokin' hot ones of you.

Yeah- everyone should torture themselves now and then. It's healthy.

Er something.


WhettenWild said...

Thanks for cropping me out. I don't remember the picture....but I do remember the decade. Probably bad.

I forgot about the smurf costume. ROTFL.

Welcome to the 30's! It really is better than the 20's. Happy Birthday!

dena4kids said...

ROFL! whew! Nice pics! You are carcking me up! What do you mean there isn't anything to do when you are 30! There is plenty...there's ignoring your kids, there's ignoring your housework, there's hiding from everyone and everything in the closet(I mean come on! That alone takes up 99% of my day!) See, so there is tons of things to do.=)

Oh yeah...Happy birthday! LOVE YA!

Ryan and Rachel said...

I would leave some nifty advice about being 30 but....I WOULDN'T KNOW! ahahahahahahah :) The pictures are lovely. They look alarmingly similar to my embarassing pics growing up. Except instead of bad skin I had bad teeth. Happy Birthday to my poofy bangs back in the day friend! :)

lifeonfastforward said...

I have no doubt you have some "smokin' hot" ones of me! Oh the hair, the bad skin, the clothes... Is it sad to say I need some copies for my upcoming 30 humiliation fest? Where was my camera growing up? We may need a high school blog posting to recall all our fab times. I'm too old to you're older!