Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's also a tradition.

I love taking pics of the kids and having them up on the mantel above their stockings-- it's a PB idea I stole last year. These were the pics from yesteryear:

Jamison, pre-glasses. Oh how I hate that he is now completely defined by glasses. "That kid who wears glasses". . . I hate that. He didn't have glasses for 6 years prior, people! Okay sorry. Phew.

And also,

Aw. One year ago. My kids all bundled up in our backyard in NC in 80 degree weather just for the pictures. What were the neighbors thinking?
I don't want to know. I don't care to know.

So I need new pictures. And every year I shall take the "winter mantel" picture, and then one day I can make a collage of year after year and see my children grow up.

And sob quietly to myself.

Anyway back to new pictures. For my mantel. The mantel I don't. . .have. . .yet. Cough. Jeff. Cough. (I'll paint, you build! love ya, mouah.)

So many choices. . . .

Although they will be in black & white, of course. Of Course!

It's so tempting to just go with something, kinda not smiley.

Because it's so funny.

And it's soooo John.

3 down. 1 to go. Could someone help me out here and run over during daylight hours and hold my lil girl up for a couple snaps? Much obliged.


WhettenWild said...

Those turned out SO cute! That last one of Johnny is a crack up!

dena4kids said...

I be right over! I LOVE JOHNNY'S last pic! He cracks me up! I might "borrow" your pic idea. I think it is a really cute idea.