Friday, October 23, 2009

This was the invitation.

These were the bevi's.

And the plates.

37 guests, total. It's a miracle that everyone in town was able to attend on one night. Jeff said "So where you gonna fit everybody in our house?"
I da know. We'll make it work somehow. Never mind that some people ended up standing and talking in my laundry room.

So we had a greeting of spooky halloween sounds, the fog machine pumping out fog around the house, Jeff's Halloween decorations with his personal touch, and some seriously excited kids at the doorstep. I'd have loved to take pictures of that- but I was feeding a baby, carouling kids, and preparing food. All at the same time. Man we moms can multi-task.
I love that nearly every single person dressed up.

All y'alls rock!

Bat Girl was totally my favorite.

And definitely Britton's Hot costume.

"Does this make me look fat??"
Thanks Britton for the usual one-eye crossed expression. I don't know how he does that.

My son making the usual mess.

Speaking of which, there was lots of food.

Massive amounts of good food. Delicious. My family can COOK, man. Well, except for me.

You know when you regret those times of not taking enough pictures? This is one of them. 'Cause there was a serious beatdown on the pinata, games for the kids, and adult-rated games as well.

That didn't sound right. Games for adults. Not sure if that's any better, either.
Thanks for coming my peeps! Let's do it again next year.


WhettenWild said...

AHHH Britton! You KNOW I hate that eye thingy.

You are so creative Mandi.

I love all of the costumes. I wish I could borrow a couple of those for the ward party tomorrow night. =)

The Schoonies said...

fabulous! you definitely should win an award for going all out for halloween! i especially like the drink labels.