Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vanity, Thy Name Is Mandi.

Hey hey hey, good morning and happy Easter!!
My belly's full of eggs hollandaise and cinnamon rolls,
the sun is shining and my tulips are popping out in the backyard planters and that makes me happy.
So life is good.
enough with the cheese. Let's get down to biznis.
I've said it before 'n I'll say it again: I've had some good ideas in this house, and some seemingly great ideas that turned out horrible, too.
My vanity table though,
still continues to be one of my fave things in my home if not thee most favorite thing. It gives me the false illusion that I've "arrived", if you will. I feel pampered and spoiled and like a real lady. Successful. Refined. And you can stop laughing now.
So I joked about said vanity table when I put it in years ago, that it would become a dumping ground. I already knew back then that I probably wouldn't take very good care of it, and it would become a catch-all for our keys and wallet and junk.
Pretty much true, thus far. I still love it, but I knew it could be so much more.
This is what we had a few days ago. Cords everywhere, I'm not putting stuff away, abandoned paint clothes on my chair (that I knew I'd just throw back on in a few hours), and so on and so forth.
When I cleaned out my little tray I made, I found drywall screws and washers mixed in with my earrings and makeup.
I am who I am.
So, I've worked on my closet:
and I've worked on my bed:
And that same rug's getting moved around. You're right. Ya got me.
And it was fun, nay, a pleasure, to clean up my vanity table and add a little bling.  Put the washers and the screws where they go. Put away the paint clothes and built just a little.
Ta da. 
I built a little shelf similar-ish to the nail polish shelf we made a bit back,
except mine holds every possible girly item I could think of. Obvs, I really spare no expense in the perfumes department. You know, it's kinda funny I care sooo much about having a vanity table when I make so little effort in my daily toilette. Are you feeling the irony? I'm feeling the irony.
But this shelf was fun to build. Used scraps from the window moulding experience. I keep thinking I'm going to come up with a great way to add some fancy moulding to this because I find it a little plain, but it hasn't hit me how yet, without making it look dorky.
It'll come to me.
I saw this online and loved it.
Makeup brushes and lip glosses held up with floral beads or those little glossy rocks you can buy.  ("Does she even use makeup brushes or lip gloss?"  shuddup.)
Earrings have been gathered from the four corners of the earth, and it's nice. You know, I hadn't worn earrings for 15+ years and then suddenly, inexplicably decided it twould be fun to wear them again, and here I am taking it slow with some studs.
Did you see I put up a little chandy?  It's a plug in chandy, so my husband didn't have to kill me for yet another thing to wire. (Found on Amazon.) It's too soon from last weekend's debacle.
Oops I should take off that warning sticker on it. Well this is awkward. Also it's missing a lightbulb because it came broken but don't tell.
Couple phony peonies,
and what I consider to be the crowning jewel,
I finally got a perfume sprayer!! They're soo dreamy. I feel like, Greta Garbo. Old school glam. If you want one of these, the best price I've found is the Hob Lob. But if you're a close friend, please don't buy one because I cannot wait for your birthday to gift you one. Have patience.
This was a deeply satisfying project. It really was.
And just to keep it realsies,
the rug goes permanently in my closet, and I'm not keeping that pillow there because that's just ridiculous. But it was fun to lay it there for five minutes. Oh, and I removed some hair products on that second shelf. I can't have people knowing that I use Suave aerosol hairspray. What?


Angela said...

Just the right amount of girly

Rach said...

LOVE the chandelier! It all looks great.

Brittney said...

Looks great! I think you are right about the perfume sprayer, I'm turning 30 this year and I think I might get one for myself. 30 is old enough to pretend to be a refined lady, right?

cindi said...

Looks very good. I really like little trim, like dollhouse trim. I get mine at Michaels, sorry if i have added another level to your trim love :)