Friday, December 13, 2013

Hi. It's Me. The Oversharer.

Hi.  Mandi again. 
I need to first say thank you if you left me a comment on my last post.  Thank you thank you thank you.  And if you didn't, maybe it's 'cause I offended you.  Sorry.  Sorry sorry sorry.  I certainly don't mean to be offensive-- my internet usage was truly a problem for me in my life. 
I still don't know where blogging fits in for me in terms of frequency, (am I a once a week blogger?  I don't know) but I'm definitely not a quitter, so . . . here I am again.   'Cause I wanna chat.  Thanks for being my friend, friend.
Now wipe the tear from your eye, 'cause I need to talk about something serious.
Serious as a 10 year old boy's pink bedroom.

And this is pretty serious. 
And then, I put up more moulding, and it was even more pink next to the moulding.

And then I thought I was being this awesome mom, asking the 10 year old what color he wanted in his bedroom, and he's all,
"Red, orange, or yellow."
Hmm.  No, no, and. . . . no.
I'm sorry-- I'm not adventurous.  I'm a prude.  I cannot do this.  I haven't got the power.  I could see an orange wall in someone else's house and love it. 
It's just isn't in me.  So I shot him down and asked again.  And really, this was getting ridiculous, because all I wanted to hear was,
"Well, I would love a very neutral light blue, light green, or a very neutral gray, based on a well researched color you found on one of your favorite blogs, Mom."
And instead he said "Black".  Oh hail, no.
I even tried a blue that I loved in another neighbor's house for a while.

Yeah.  We played tic tac toe with someone else's paint.  Jerk faces.
And I loved this color-- again-- in someone else's house.  I have no cajones.
And so we "compromised" on gray.  'Cause you know, black is like gray 'n stuff.

What do you think?  Is it better?  More 10 year old boy? 
The color is Sherwin Williams "Light French Gray." 
I didn't pick the color because of it's name.  I know what you were thinking.
I picked it because it was displayed in their brochure and it seemed very neutral.  And light.  And french.
And it had a cool name.

His little nook, though?  A real sunuva B to paint.  I was like laying on his bench, stomach down, with a roller in my hand.  I didn't even remove the world's biggest pencil up there.  I painted around it. 
I will seriously punch myself in the face the day that pencil comes down and I remember what I've done.


Nancy said...

Loved it!! If you ever take the pencil down, just buy a oblong something or another to quickly replace it with! Glad to see you back. I too struggle with my internet usage. Sometimes I wish I had to ride a bike to power the laptop. I would certainly be in shape, either that or beat my internet addiction! :)

Cathie said...

Aw, let the kids have color. Paint is easy to change, as opposed to carpet or counters or something. There's enough white that even black wouldn't be overpowering (although good luck painting over it, ha.) And if you don't like it, close the door!

Deanna said...

Love reading your posts....And I, too, struggle with internet usage....I wish you luck in finding balance so we can all enjoy your wittiness and hilariousness!

Deanna said...

Love reading your posts....And I, too, struggle with internet usage....I wish you luck in finding balance so we can all enjoy your wittiness and hilariousness!

Carla said...

I predict he will thank you someday for not letting him paint his room orange. Good call on the gray.

Stephanie said...

I used the same color in my main bath...great choice!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

You lie!! You totally picked this paint because of the name!! But, I forgive you because it is so is making me want to paint something!! And maybe you could find a spot to paint something the inside of the closet...a space that is hidden away behind doors! I am in shock that you didn't paint behind the pencil! (I don't blame you wold be pain to take it down and get it back up there perfectly!!) What a cool room! hugs, cathy {I finally blogged!!!!}

RachelK said...

Love the gray! Maybe you can compromise on the color with curtains & bedding? I'm not a fan of color on walls though. Tried painting the living room blue once, and I thought I was going to break out in hives. Had to repaint pronto! Sherwin Williams Wool Skein is going to be the color in the new house. A nice neutral with no pink or yellow undertones. Can't wait to get that done!

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

It does look a lot better. I used Light French Gray in my old house and on half of the room I loved it, it looked like a complex color. On the other half it looked straight up blue. Which is not bad for a boy's room at all. Does it do that in your room too? It was one of those cases of lighting affecting the color, I guess.