Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Have a Casino In My House.


you know I call this place "the dungeon". Then I kinda switched it to the "Man Cave". 'Cause it really, really is the Man Cave.
Men/boys get lost down here. They never come back out. It might have something to do with three (yes I said THREE) pretty darned fast computers down here (don't rub your eyes, only two are showing down there), the bevi fridge, the massive comfy sofa that EVERYONE likes to jump on,

(Ahem. Please let me really emphasize that last part. EVERYONE LIKES TO JUMP ON IT. There. Thanks.)

the 64'' 3-D TV, and the Playstation.

Yes, I said it before and I'll say it again: men/boys walk down here, and they never come back out.

"I thought I sent you down to the storage room to get me a box of spaghetti?"

"Oh, yeah, but um, I had to, um, turn off the computer 'cause it was on, 'n stuff. . . "

Well, now I have a new name for this place:

"The Casino."

I figured out the real allure.  It's because it's pretty much pitch black down here at all times of the day-- you lose all sense of time.  Yep:  "The Casino."

Other people just call it "the basement".  But that's kind of boring.


many moons ago I got permission to pimp this place out with molding.  Because, you know, I've run out of other places in my house for molding.  And that's boring, too.  And we don't want that.

I am happy, nay, proud to say, that I got off my fat tushy and got 'er done this weekend.

Don't say it.  I know what you're thinking.  And besides, the hubs beat you to it:

"Wow that took your for-EVER to finally get done!  And it only took you thirty minutes to get it all up on the wall!"

I know, I know.  Here.  Let's cut to the chase and I'll just make a pie chart of the reasons.


As you can see, 85% of this situation was due to the fact that I am one cheap bastage. ("Nearly 5$ for piece of 8' molding?? What the?")

And the other 15% was due to my lack of ability to trust my own ideas.

Or maybe, maybe? This isn't a pie chart at all. . . it's just PAC MAN.


smoke 'em if ya got 'em, ( it is "the casino", after all)

'cause like the dishes, my box molding is done, man.

I feel like I just dressed this dungeon/casino/man cave

in a dress 'n heels.  Guess y'all will have to hand over your man cards upon entrance.


Janice said...

It's completely gorgeous. And I love your posts. I always get excited when I see a new on from ya.

The casino needs a lady's night. Boot out the boys and we'll drink fruity stuff and jump on the couches and eat chocolate while some good chick flick plays.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh Mmmmmm Geeee!!!! It is fabulous! Totally awesome. Love the look and that is one hell of a man cave.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

As usual, it looks aewsome!

Rach said...

Aaack! Looks so good!
Love the PAC-MAN. My iPad wanted to capitalize PAC, as it rightly should.
God job!

Lori said...

Why is molding so expensive? But.. you saved on the labor? Right? Looks wonderful.

Evelyn said...

That looks incredible! I was showing my daughter your blog and she said maybe we could ask you and your Daddy-O to come over and help us rebuild our entire house. :-)

Belchamber4 said...

That looks great! Love it.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

This looks great Mandi! It gives me hopes of what my basement could someday be like, even though I still don't like going down there because it smells weird. True story.

I totally understand being paralyzed by projects because of unsuredness of what to do on a small detail. The cabinet I built for my bathroom over a year ago still doesn't have doors on them, because I'm nervous about trying to build them, and then failing miserably. And then part of me wants to rip the whole cabinet out and start from scratch.

Rebecca D said...

It looks amazing... I took a nap this weekend and you pimped your basement... I am pretty sure I am your polar opposite!

Teri said...

That trim looks fab! It really makes the room look "complete" somehow, especially with that recessed lighting!

Renee said...

It looks so good! :)

Taylor Family said...

Wow, the brown boy in the picture looks like one that I have at my house. That one there though looks better behaved.
: )
Ooh shoot, I'm sorry about the first part. Breaks my heart. :(