Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nice Rack.

Would you judge me if I was one of thee most unorganized people on the planet? 'Cause I am.

Consequently, I've been cooking up (pun intended) some ideas around my kitchen for a little better workspace, if you will.

Cabinet where my pots and pans reside? Won't close- piles of pots come crashing out- disaster/catastrophe. Can't show it to you. I won't. Not for a hundred dollars. (I can be bought-- keep going up.)

Been toying with the idea of a pot rack, actually. Hubs said we'd need new, nicer pots and pans to display, though.
Why, Jeffro? What's wrong with our pans?

Is there a problem, here?

Anywho, I had pros and cons with the pot rack idea, and so I sat on it for quite some time.

Pros? Obvious. They're cool. More space. They're cool.

Cons? Refer to above picture, I don't want a head knocker, or what feels like a head knocker, plus I was concerned it'd "close in" my kitchen a bit.

And you know me. I took the plunge anyways. Thought I'd let ya know if my concerns were real. I like to think of it as taking one for the team.

You're welcome.

Couple facts about this small project:

Asked the Boy Toy to find the ceiling joists for me. Why?

This is how the hubs finds joists:

(runs stud finder along ceiling-- makes his marks): "Found them. Drill here, here, here, and here." (drops stud finder and walks away)

me: "Um, I think there's one here. Maybe. Let's check again. One more time. One more time. . . "

Be advised that this project makes your work space and your head look like this:

and knowing is half the battle.

I also want you to know a couple more things: pot racks can be expensive.

This one's 'snot. Got it here. And I do like it.

Survey says? Not a head knocker. Doesn't close in the space. Instant organization. Love. Score.


-Lisa said...

Looks like it's always been there!!
Love love love the glass back splash
by the way.

Maureen said...


Looks great. Have you seen the pot rack made from an old ladder? Interesting look. So do I get to move in with you or what?


Emily said...

I love it! I've always wanted one of those, but my kitchen won't allow it!

Mrs BC said...

i love it! It's on my list of stuff to do in the kitchen.

COTTAG3 said...

So you really like it? I don't have one and have had the same concerns as you. I didn't want to bump into it all the time and I thought it would close in the kitchen or make it feel cluttered. I have good pots and pans though so I wouldn't have to buy new ones. Yours looks great!

Suesan said...

It looks fabulous, Dahlink! And you have a clean kitchen. You're one lucky girl. My dish fairy has been on strike for forever. I'm always having to do her stupid job!

Rebecca D said...

It looks like it belongs there... I had one for a few years and love that it scored me a whole cabinet!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Definitely a winner. I have always liked them. No place in my kitchen to put one though.

Missy Maker said...

That looks fantastic!!

WhettenWild said...

I need one of those.......except my pots are even worse than yours!

alamama said...

I have often thought of doing this, but don't know where's i'd put it. love yours.

Bon-Bon said...

Nice rack BUT what about that pantry project? HUH???

Julie {BuildSewReap} said...

It looks great. I wish we had space for one but our kitchen is more of a one-butt galley type kitchen.

Hey, I had to share a tip I read once in This Old House magazine . . . when you have to drill UP into the ceiling, take a small paper cup (like a dixie cup or even a cupcake liner would work) and poke your drill bit through it then drill. The debris falls into the cup instead of your eyes and your head. I read that and did a major head smack wondering why it had never occurred to me.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Ooo it looks great!!! I HATE having to bend down and get pans out of the lazy susan, you know, you're tall like me, you get it. That seriously though looks fantastic above your island. FANTASTIC!!!

catie said...

this is the same pot rack i have! and i LOOOOVE mine, too! looks great in your kitchen!

Teri said...

It looks fab! Nice work! My stud finder is called "Ooops....ooooops....oooops...Oh, there it is!"

nunnysbabygirl said...

I was thinking the same thing lol!

nunnysbabygirl said...

I was thinking the same thing lol!

nunnysbabygirl said...

I was thinking the same thing lol!