Tuesday, January 3, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Today, because I spent one evening ladling freezing cold water out of a full, broken washer,

(It can't handle 8 towels and a couple pairs of jeans? Puhlease. Wimp washer.)

and then I got to ring out the freezing cold water out of 8 towels and a couple pairs of jeans,

and then I spent another evening removing my broken washer for another one,

(and two kids intermittently peed the bed. Why? WHY?)

and I have been otherwise up to my elbows in thinset,

(well, not right now because you know, I like my keyboard 'n all)

and will spend tomorrow up to my elbows in grout,

I wanna talk about things I do like. Love, in fact.

First up? Music. I'm kind of sort of totally absolutely obsessed with music.


right here. If you want a disc that you like most if not all of the songs-- this is the album for you. Love.
(psst: their new album arrives next week. Squeal!)

Favorite right this very second song? Right here.

Fave band of all time?

Right here. Have I professed my love for Blue October to you yet? I've been listening for years. Same songs. Love their old stuff, love their new stuff. Try out this song. And this one. And this one, too.

Shows? You know I love me some shows, and I've been O.D.'ing on a few.

You knew I was gonna say that, didn't ya? It's only a slight obsession, umkay?

So when I was suffering from withdrawal from sucking down every.single.episode of Damon & Stefan, I turned to:

Go kick some snooty, Hampton butt, Amanda. Or Emily. Whatevs.

And last but not least, food. Because that's what it always come down to with me.

This meal:

right here. I am making it every week. And I'm not getting sick of it. It's crack pasta.

And that's all for now. Wish me luck with the grout tomorrow, would ya?


Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I can't wait to see what you are doing with tile! Thanks for the recommendations I needed some girl shows!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

crack pasta, love it!!!LOL

Chrissy said...

The YouTube links weren't working on my iPad so I searched the bands that you listed and listened to a few of each of their songs. Most of the songs seemed so down and depressing, which totally doesn't seem like you at all (because obviously I know you so well lol) so I'm thinking I must be missing the good stuff and I'll have to check again from my computer where the links will work.

Jennifer said...

Blue October makes me swoon....

SueAnn said...

That pasta dish made me drool for sure!!!
Love me some good music!!

Kerri said...

Oh Mandi. I think I am officially in lust with you. Blue October & Justin Furstenfeld make my everything swoon. So does Mr. Damn (sorry, Damon) & Mr. Stefan. :)

Emily said...

New episode of Vampire Diaries tomorrow!! Yay! I have been going through some serious withdrawals over here!

And I know you know my love of all things Blue October!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh man, isn't it annoying when real life things like broken appliances get in the way of a good tile job? UGH. Can't wait to see it all done (no pressure or anything!) Off to check out your fave band!

Layne Bushell said...

I'm so sorry you have sheets to wash. Come use my washer! It can handle 8 towels and a few pair of jeans. Bring em over....can't wait to see the tile job and the new washer!!!

Just Leslie said...

Oh Mandi, how I love your blog! It makes me smile even on super sucky days.
and PS it even makes me happy when it's a nonproject post- because it's your peachy personality that I adore! <3
Thanks for bringing some smile to my day today.

drval said...

Your picture of the pasta dish is waaaaay better than the one on the recipe website, they should use yours...looks delicious!

drval said...
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Staci said...

Oh my God...Revenge is by far the best show on TV right now! I am not even kidding when I tell you that my entire house is required to be completely silent for the hour this show is on. And no, I don't feel guilty at all.

I am so excited it's back on with new episodes!

Suesan said...

A. SafetySuit has a nice sound. I'm looking forward to hearing more of their stuff.
B. I'm currently loving anything by Lindsay Ray, but I especially love her You Make Me Happy song. It makes me happy.
C. Love Revenge. I've been going through withdrawals that ALL my shows are on break. How's a girl to craft without something to watch? Not so much into the vampire show, but I haven't really tried. I really like the Grimm and Once Upon a Time, too.
D. Crack pasta will be avoided at all costs. I'm still recovering from my Crack Cheese Puffs and Crack Lindor Mint Truffle balls indulgence. Obviously, I'm highly susceptible to crack.
E. Have fun tiling. My girl went home today. I need a day or two to recover before I start on all the projects competing for my time. Refinish the bathroom? Build an entryway storage area? Finish my office redo? Master bedroom makeover? They are all on the list. I just don't know where to start.

Maureen said...

Well, speaking of trials, tribulations, and addictions, Mandi - I AM SO MAD AT YOU!!! YOU HAVE REALLY MESSED ME UP!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! YOU HAD TO GO AND MENTION THE GAME - PLANTS vs ZOMBIES AND NOW I'M ADDICTED TO IT!!! There, I'm done yelling.
Seriously, though great game and totally all obsessing. It amazes me just how much can be avoided so that I can play. ;)
Love your site and can wait to see the new backsplash. Do you ever stop and sleep?


Leca said...

I printed the recipe and I'm ready to try it out this weekend. Yesterday, I spend a good portion of the afternoon with your brother-in-law getting exams and glasses for my girlies. At the end I finally asked him if he knew you-- pretty sure he thought I was a psycho stalker. I told him I really loved your blog. He gave a nervous chuckle and left pretty quickly.
I guess you know you've made it big when you've got a stalker. :)

noe said...

Excelente portada..!! me encanto!! realmente interesante!! =)

esta de mas decirte que te sigo!!..


Carrielyn said...

Duh. They pee'd the bed BECAUSE the washer was broken!

And now I need to go investigate crack pasta...

Missy Maker said...

Crappy few days!!! I hope things are better now for you...I would have lost it by now for sure.

Color Me Thin said...

I found this post randomly, and feel I must tell you...

I'm seeing Justin in May. :)