Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "Easy" Side.

Tell me you remember the big project that ended all big projects:

You remember, don'tcha? Lotsa hard work? Insane amounts of injuries? That one?

And perhaps you might recall how I revealed the open, unfinished spaces on both sides of this little bed nook:

Yeah, I know. I'm a weenee. And don't you judge my snaps of this room! I've localized the only natural light in the whole dang room to the bed! Everything else is plunged into darkness!

Thanks for reading my disclaimer.

But as I was saying--

it was time to get off my rear and finish these little corners. First up? The "easy" side. I am using huge air quotes, here.

Incidentally, you know you use too many air quotes when your children use them at random points throughout the day.

So, I was tellin' y'alls last week that while I wanted huge! fun! plans for these spaces, usefulness won out.

See, this room is still our playroom of sorts, and so (tasteful) toy shelving is deeply needed. And so I got to work.

You know, I'm not a huge fan of the look of adjustable shelving, but it's just so derned useful. Used the daddy-o's shelf pin jig and it's accompanying spring-loaded drill bit and worked it.

Call me a wimp, but that spring loaded drill bit just exhausts me. I's out in the garage for an hour, and it wasn't pretty.

Ya know Miss Piggy's exhausted sound? Yeah. I sounded like that. You need only watch the first 5 seconds to get the idea.

But I digress.

Here's the bare bones of this little project.

And when am I gonna learn not to be a lazy A and use a folding chair?

You know what this room needs? A giant, oversized poster of Atlantic City.
(name that movie!)

Er, I mean, baskets. With cute little tags.

I will have you know that I am by far the most organized person you will ever meet.

You think I'm gonna perfectly sort and organize all my kids junk so they can toss it out and mix it back together just for kicks?

I think that may be the definition of insanity right there.

But you know, just in case I want to put on airs, I'll just flip these over.

Man, we have a lot of balls in this house.


And finally, we are done. With side one, only.

And ya know, the beauty of it is, as my boy grows up, these can be switched around.


shelves full of "crap", "balls" and "more crap". Sounds about right in this house.


Katie Johnson said...

First off, So I Married an Ax Murderer is one of my favorite movies ever. On a list of hundreds. Second, you are a total inspiration to me! Thank you for posting and for always making me laugh. I get so excited when I see you've posted. I know that sounds corny, but it's nice to read about someone who is real, makes real mistakes, and does real projects that I feel like I could actually do (okay, maybe not building a bed, but maybe someday!) Anyway, thanks for being an inspiration to me, and reminding me of all my favorite movie/movie quotes.. Thanks!!

Lori said...

and you covered up those little holes so nicely, the ones holding up the shelves. I'm impressed.

Teri said...

Looks awesome! Plus, it reminds me of Bart's attempt to join in swearing with Homer: "Crap boobs crap" - that's mine and Cliff's go-to swear. And also? I need to pin that shelfamajig.

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

Duh... So I married an axe murder! LOVE that movie. We have the same movie tastes, so when are we finally going to meet IRL???

calikas said...

Such a great idea! love it!!

Megan said...

Im a fairly new reader, but I am so happy I found you. I laugh every. single. time. I read a post. Perhaps its the fact that I live in an all boy household and they have turned my brain to mush...

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I wish I was as lazy as you! You are popping out projects like a junkie pops pills. Love it all. You and your saw need to visit me!

James and Mary said...

"oh hey you got one!" i love when rose offers him a gourmet breakfast and ends up not having any of it. "that other stuff will probably kill you." ha!

Jill @ Craft in a Northern Town said...

"Look at his heid! It's like an orange on a toothpick."

The shelves look great! If actually labeled baskets in my house they'd be the same as yours.

Rebecca D said...

PS... Shelves look good too!

Halls Huddle said...

It looks incredible, as always. I always chuckle when I see the amazing things you whip out and think about my nice little handyman I hired to do the exact same kind of thing. I wish I was you!

Emily said...

Those shelves are so cool! You can't even tell they are adjustable!

- Laura said...

I've been a Google Reader follower for a few months but decided to officially join the fun as a new member today!! :)

The shelves look so good!!! You know, if you put "Crap" in a pretty font it's acceptable!! ;) It would be fun to see how many people would actually notice! lol!!!

And on the works and it's not lazy!! I use dinner knives as a screw tightener, picture frame metal thingy lifter, scraper....I figure if it gets the job done it's a tool!! :)

Andrea said...

I seriously envy your building skills. That being said, awesome project, yet again!

Lisa said...

"If it's not Scottish it's CRAP!" I'm repeating myself here but that's my husband's all time favorite line from any movie and I hear it 50x a day. :)

Love the shelves! So smaht! And the baskets with labels - girl you are after my own heart. Love them and that bed!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Honestly, if I didn't get up in the morning and read your posts I'm not sure my day would start off right. Your just crack me up!
Love the shelving, great storage, whether they put their "balls" in the right basket or not, it looks nice. Great job.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Oh baskets how I love thee! This looks FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC Mandi! You are totally inspiring me to clean out my linens closet and refill it with cute baskets like these. I just can't tell my husband about it because I'm afraid he won't let me spend money on pretty baskets. Maybe I'll just call it my "allowance" for doing chores around the house. Seems fair.

Layne Bushell said... just keeps getting better! It looks a-may-zing!