Thursday, April 28, 2011

Opened a can of worms.

Let us revisit my craptastic window seat, shall we?

Yes, lets.

I would like to announce that I have finished rerouting the vents and added a bit of trim here and there. It's amazing what a little molding can do to give it a finished look.

Anywho, I am in love with this window seat. IN.LOVE.

See, it's changed the whole look of my room; the extra white has brightened up the place, and well, frankly, the pink cast that my paint was giving off prior, kind of like a freaky barbie house, is gone.

Simply put, I am one happy camper. Thinking of a windowseat? Do it. Don't look back.

But, big but--

it's opened a can of worms, people. I took a look around my room, yelled "what a dump!", and began dreaming of something more. Something less white trash. Something gorgeous, dreamy, storybook-like.

Share in the dream with me, won't you? Get all up in my head. First off-- the windowseat. I know I already shared the dream of a cushion and lovely pillows. I'm thinking some gorg, billowy tie up curtains, like so:

And I stumbled upon zees:

Oh.My.Word-duh. Built-in's? Next to the windowseat? Bring me home a piece a that. Plans have been drawn. Already.

One word for you:


There will be massive amounts of white. You don't care for white? Then you are dead to me. Dead.

Molding. Hello? My project, without molding? Has the world gone mad? I assure you it hasn't. I'll continue this wainscoting around the entire room.

A new bed frame. The Daddy-o made us a bed many moons ago, and I am just now ready to make use of this gorgeousness.

I will proceed with the finishing of said gorgeous bed frame when Jeff and I can come to terms on painting vs. staining. Although I thought we had it worked out, we just don't see eye to eye.

He's an X-box and I'm more an Atari.


the piece de resistance:

my boyhood dream. I always imagined myself as the nicest, cutest mommy in the whole wide world, who had a vanity table, wore a beautiful long nightgown, and brushed her hair with her silver-plated hairbrush 100 times in front of the mirror, every night.

Yes, friends-- I want a vanity table in my boudoir.

It won't be as freaking awesome as that one, I can promise. Champagne taste on a beer budget 'n everything.

So wish me luck. I'm girding up my loins. And I won't promise posting before shots of this dump. And you can't make me.


WhettenWild said...

Oh yay! You your bed down. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Your window seat is so cute. LOVE it!

Dara Lynn said...

I can't get enough of this blog!!!!! It's not filled with all that the right in your face, take it or click it...dead ...I busted out laughing on the white...I could go on and on

calikas said...

Love all your ideas!! Good luck!

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

I can't get enough of your window seat! And I'm so stoked and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves for the rest of this room.

I'm more of a white gal, but with the wainscotting and all that, I vote a dark to medium stain. In case I have any say. ;)

Harmony said...

I love a yummy vanity. I was in major lust with this lil' fella last time I wandered through Ikea:

But I couldn't part with my hard earned money like that. So I went with an entry way table (skinny is key), spray painted it GREEN! with a large round mirror hung in front of it. Both adorable, and because I was able to D.I. both of them (true, D.I. is a verb now)-- the whole combo cost me like $15. Lovely. Anyway, good luck-- You're doing awesome!

Layne Bushell said...

When I saw the built in's I started to drool. You see, built in's are my very favorite. If I could turn my dump into a craftsman style bungalow with all the modern amenities and tons of space I would. In a heart beat. Go girl. This is gunna be great!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Hey, love the window seat. I have two that need cushions. Do you plan on putting cushions on yours? If so, you better do a step by step on how to make them. I have been stumped for a year now. I'm not to great at sewing and I priced them at Calico Corners. Ha, I about choked. Anyway, looking forward to your additions to your room.

Dede said...

Oh my gosh, those built ins??? MASTERPIECE. If you create it, I will be so insanely jealous. And impressed. And proud of you. Can't wait to see it!

Emily said...

A vanity would just be the coolest thing ever! I think that would be so fun! I can't wait to see it all done!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Ooh Harmony, thank you for the link! I can't find you on blogger so send me an email 'cause I want to see the one you have!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Well it's a dang good thing I don't hate white isn't it? Hehe

Teri said...

If you build that princessy-window-seat-roomy thing, I am moving in. Prepare yourself.

DaikerDiva said...

yes to the vanity! I completely am on board with that.

Lisa said...

Ohhhh a vanity!!!!! I've always wanted one too. Can't wait to see this whole room unfold.....the builtins, molding, whole nine yards!

Kristi said...

I love the idea of built-ins around your window seat. I even like the color of wall paint they used in that room. Tell your hubs that since you're the one doing all of the home improvement work AND since it was YOUR dad who built the bed, you get to choose what to do with the bed. :-)

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

I love your projects AND your voice. Your writing cracks me up. Thanks for making me smile.

Warmly, Michelle

Harmony said...

Oh Mandi... I wrote a blog for you. Its right here:

Its not linked to my email address, hence why you couldn't find it... but I'm always here if you'd like to make fun of me. :) harmonysandwich at gmail dot com