Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ran out of clean underwear today.

Like, scour the bottom of the basket I put my unmentionables in, came up empty, nothin'.

This ree-hee-heally frustrated me, since I was about to hop into my jeans, both legs at once, and head on over to the Hob Lob (and a quick stop for tanning-- hey, it's my wind-down time) this afternoon.

You can't get dresed without underwear, can ya? CAN YA? ANSWER ME!

(Last little part was a family joke there. Somewhere in the midwest, I swear my sister is laughing. Remind me to tell you that story sometime).

So after I got over my disappointment, I threw on my favorite towel-robe-thingy. That's what it said on the tag.

Best $6 I ever spent at Walmart. Honestly. No clothes on? Well just throw on your towel-robe-thingy! button straps, velcro to hold it together, voila!

Um, have you noticed lately how my posts resemble a Simpson's episode: the beginning generally has little or nothing to do with the rest of the story.?.


Anywho, while I sat fuming in my robe-towel thingy, waiting for the washer to finish, I decided to do the Halloween sign that's been percolating in the ole brain for the past few weeks.

Took a piece of plywood that lies around in the gay-rage,

Designed myself a little sumfin' sumfin' on photoshop elements and printed it as a transparency, and started painting.

And I totally felt like Bob Ross, mixing my vandike brown and my burnt amber. Except in my little world, I wasn't giving the little tree a friend,

as much as, like, the blood drips 'n stuff. And it was really fun. In my towel-robe-thingy. And some flip flops. Gay-rage floor is really dirty.

So um, if you read my halloweenie sign, and it sounded familiar. . .

Read it in this order. Does it ring any bells? It's actually from a movie.

And if you know right off the bat what movie it is, you are probably the coolest person on the planet.

If it sounds familiar, you're still really cool. (Hint: think crazy eye makeup and waaaay too tight pants. And David Bowie.)

But back to this sign.

I feel like it needs something. Maybe it's a date with Mr. Sander. Maybe it's some black crows perched on top. Something. Anyone?


Renee said...

1 word: Labyrinth...LOL

I saw tons of halloween thingies at Swiss Days today, thought Oh, I bet Mandi could make that! :)

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

It needs glaze.....just kidding. I don't think it needs anything. I have to tell you I laughed and laughed when you talked about the little tree. I use to watch that show and could so hear him when I read that.

Rebecca D said...

Labyrinth of course... Does this make me cool... Can I inform my teenage daughters of this fact? LOL

Love the sign!

Mandi said...

I cant believe you painted this awesome sign with no underwear on. I have never tried that but I do constantly paint with no bra on. And my hair not done. On the driveway. Sometimes yelling at our bulldog Agnes to leave the neighbors alone. Oh my gosh, how embarrassing. No wonder no one ever looks me in the eye at church. Hmm

Tempest Ahoy said...

Ah love me some sweet, "dance magic dance"! Hehehe.

Emily said...

I love labrynth!! I love how festive you get with Halloween

dena4kids said...

don't expect a big, no, no of course not.For the path you will take will lead to certain destruction.....heehee. I love that movie.
What about some ghost floating around?

WhettenWild said...

You remind me of the babe..what babe....the babe with the power......what power?

No, you can't get dressed without any underwear, and you can't take a shower without a showerhead either. HA HA!!

WhettenWild said...

OH yeah! and love the sign!

Joanna said...

I totally read your sign in the voices of the movie in my head. Just so you know. One of my favorites.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

What the heck. You have the best stash of wood eva. Love it. Can I come to your Halloween party? Please????

Teri said...

The Labyrinth! The Labyrinth!

Lisa said...

Maybe some real big spiders glued on? Give it a 3D effect. Everyone's going 3D these days (peer pressure!)