Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Not Normal.

Most people use their closets for things like, oh, say,


Or their linen closets for things, like oh,

I'm not even showing you the two drawers I'm using up in the kitchen.

My crud is ev.ery.where.

I deserve my own craft room.

Alright fine, maybe "deserve" is too much. A tad on the "I'm a princess" side.

I should probably make a craft room. Tee hee! Wait. .. a craft room/if-we-ever-have-a-guest guest room.
(What guest wants to stay in my dungeon basement?)

Did you know my decorating style preference is shabby chic?

'Mmm hmm. House doesn't reflect that too much now, does it?

But what I do want this odd craft/guest room combo to say, is "me".

You know what that means? Definitely molding. Definitely.

"Now, lemme show you something!" (firemarshall Bill)
This, is the room we're talking about.

Yeee-ah. Total dumping ground when we moved in. Don't you judge me!
I got it cleand up lickity split. Everything you now see in there will have purpose in this room.

Yep, I've got a carpet problem in there. Thanks for noticing.

I turn to the trusty interweb for some inspiration:

Ooh. . .

Aah.. .

Oh. . .

Hmm. . .

I'm sorry! I'm the jerk who didn't keep track of where I got these. There were no plans at the time to blog them.

A few things I do know:

This has got to be cheap.

Like dirt cheap. I mean, I'll spend a little dough on the molding, but everything else is going to be free, or near that.

It's gonna be a white on white look.

It's gotta have molding.




(for board and batten)
and this will be involved.
(for the ceiling)

Stay tuned for all those exciting things like

-fun with a nail gun (how I shot myself in the knee yesterday; don't worry it only pinged off my knee cap)
-paint color choices
-how the lumber dude at the hardware store is a tool
-using baseboard as chair molding (which leads to why the lumber dude is such a tool)

And so much more.


Layne Bushell said...

Did you see the barn window with pictures in it?????? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya? I think my pi-ece-de-resistance is going to go in my girls room... ummmhuh....

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Oh the day when I'll have a room to redo...When there are only three rooms, I run into trouble...the living room is now my craft room:) Can't wait to see the transformation!!!

dena4kids said...

you know what...Our lumber guy is a tool too! Maybe it is in their handbook.Who knows?=)
Can't wait to see what you do to the room.

Emily said...

I like the picture with the converse shoes at the end of the bed. That is just awesome! Ü It will look spectacular when you are done!

Jen said...

You are so funny, I was LOL when I was reading about your closets! So, so true!! But it sounds like you know exactly what you want done. That's the first step and usually the hardest step. Can't wait to see the finished product! Lots of pics pleas!! I'll be following :-)

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

If anyone can do this you can. I am always amazed at what you come up with for not alot of money.
I'll be watching and becoming envious.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

You are so funny! I can't wait to see how the room turns out. I'm a Shabby Chic kind of gal too & my house doesn't reflect it either. The men in my family don't like pink. I need me a craft room. I thought I was going to get part of the garage, but nooooooo, hubby is now making it into a home theater. Wish I had a basement. But they are hard to come by in SoCal. Oh well, such is life.

P.S. The guy at the lumber store, he's a guy, so he IS a tool. Men, just don't think outside the tool box.

gina3 said...

Oooooh, I can't wait to see how this turns out. I hope you finish it (or get a great start on it) by the first of June. That's when I start mine and I want ideas. I didn't know you liked Shabby Chic. You know I like some of that so I'm really excited to see what you do!

Kristi said...

Ha ha.. I did see your basement! Much better already. I'm like you, my style is shabby chic, but there isn't a room in my house that shows it. My studio is supposed to be that way, but after I painted, I just didn't decorate. I'm gonna take care of t hat this week when I do my bug overhaul. Those images you chose are beautiful and inspiring!

1 Funky Woman said...

I know isn't the molding gorgeous! So what do you have up your sleeve? I would love to see you going into HomeDepot and asking questions. You say he is a Tool, what does he say you are, lol!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I dunno...lots of my closets look like that. Painters tape, crusty rolling brushes, tape measurers.

But it does make me really irritated when I can't find any of those things when I need them. And I really am not introspective enough to tell myself, "IF YOU WOULD JUST PUT ALL OF THAT IN ONE PLACE!!!"

Cause I actually get a lot of satisfaction out of stomping around the house shouting, "WHERE THE HELL IS {fill in the blank}?"

But don't tell anyone.

shelly said...

I love all of those pictures!!!
Glad the nail pinged off your knee---during my first year as an x-ray tech, a man came to the ER with this weird pucker in the knee part of his jeans...yep, finishing nail straight through his knee cap! (He's super lucky it didn't up and over a bit more ;))

La Tempête said...

DUDE. This promises pure awesomeness.

Carisa Knox said...
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