Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exceeding my non-expectations.

Have I told you I'm obsessed with white dishes?

Well I am.

You could say

I'm collecting.

So I've wanted a cake plate for a decade. Seriously, a decade. And I saw this one:

and I knew it had to be mine. My precious. Running my fingers along it. Imagining all the delectable delights someone else should bake for it.

And Jeff was all: "Oh you got that, huh?"
Me: "Well yeah I've wanted one forever. . . I love it. . . "

and then I had to justify it some more.

"And you know, it's Mother's Day and everything. . ."

And then it dawned on Jeff. . . oh crap . ..
"That's this weekend? I work this weekend."

Yep, I know. (glance over to my gorg cake plate)
I got myself covered, hon. Don't worry about it.

So imagine my supreese, when I got a large box from UPS.

Oh no, he di-n't.

2 dozen of 'em. I cried a little. Seriously.

So, did I just double dip in the present department?


kim said...

don't feel bad about the double dip...go in for another! milk it as long as it lasts lol :)

kim said...

oh and both are gorgeous!

Kristi said...

Love the cake stand! And those flowers are beautiful. What a sweet husband!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Miranda said...

Pretty! I love both. And I love white dishes too. What a beautiful cake plate! (BTW, thanks for the words of encouragement on my psychotic blog post. I was having a moment . . . well, actually more like a month. I'm feeling better after talking to my mom. LOL!) Have a great Mother's Day!

chris w said...

I think that just about comes close to one dip for what you do, fabulous lady. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!

Anny said...

Aww what a sweety, Happy Mother's Day!

dena4kids said...

I LOVE That Cake Stand!!! SOOO Pretty!The flowers are pretty too!

Layne Bushell said...

yes you did double dip and enjoy every minute of it! You deserve it!

Rebecca D said...

You are the mother of FOUR... Three of which are boys... You not only deserve a double dip... you maybe deserve a triple dip! Go ahead and head out to the bakery and get a little something to display on that stand! (Then eat it too...)

Emily said...

I love them both, and no you aren't double dipping, He knew you already had the cake plate right???, Besides you are definitly worth the cake plate AND the flowers!!

Audra said...

Gorgeous roses, but I am loving the sentiment. How sweet is that husband of yours? A keeper I tell you....

Another keeper, that divine cake plate. It makes my heart skip a beat or two. The things you can do with this beauty.!

WhettenWild said...

Hope you had a good Mothers'Day! Flowers are pretty!

The Schoonies said...

Wow, I have been missing out. I was 7 posts behind and you have been a busy girl and you totally cracked Trent and I up looking at your then and now impersonation pictures. You are hilarious. BTW do you hire out??