Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Time Out.

With all 4 kids.

And it looked a little somethin like this.

It wasn't my idea, and they really did ride like that. Made it real easy, actually. They enjoyed it, I thought it was funny, and so did other shoppers.

And I just realized I took a picture right after walking out of the underwear aisle. Ah well. Panties anyone?

I really hate that word.


Trina said...

Awesome picture. I miss getting away with stuff like that in Utah! If I did that here, I would be approached by at least 3 well-meaning strangers within 2 minutes who would do their darndest to educate me on the dangers of improper cart seating. And then I'd accidentally roll over someone's foot and prove them right.

dena4kids said...

Hey it looks like fun! Atleast no one is in tears!That includes Momma!=)

WhettenWild said...

LOL!! Looks like it went rather well. =)

Renee said...

That's awesome!

What walmart did you go to? Did you go to the one by my house???

Jessie said...

...and you took a camera!? WOW!