Sunday, July 10, 2016

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back.

Happy Summer!! Woot! I know for most of y'all,  you're like, "Hello, summer's nearly half over duh!",

but for us, we've only been out of school prison for one week.  So again I say, HAPPY SUMMER! Woot!

If we've been friends for a long time, then you know alllll about my nerdy annual summer anthem. Oh.My.Heck. -- Your life is incomplete until you hear my 2016 anthem. You haven't even lived.

Listen. Love it.

How could I choose any other song for my anthem? I ask you?? Sigh. Gosh, let's listen again. Replay!

You know what I think is so funny, but not funny "haha"?

How hard all parts of yard work felt prior to all we've done this season. Now, what used to seem like a really big fargin' deal seems wimpy and small in comparison. Silver lining of this mess we've gotten ourselves into, I suppose.

So! Yard work extravaganza at the Tremaynes! Otherwise known as: "What the He$$ have we done? Part 2."  Ack, it never ends.

Last time we left off this exciting drama, the pond looked like so,

and my brand new flower beds (to get rid of all that extra dirt of course) looked like so.

Check 'em out now, as they're filling out. And as I'm filling in blank spots with clearanced perennials ($1 perennial geraniums? $3 gallon coreopsis? $1 dianthus?? Don't mind if I do!).

Now.  NOW-- get yourself a cold bevi and a donut, because let's talk about what happened in the front yard. The plot thickens. 

I still had more dirt from the da$% pond fiasco. Still. So I opted to continue the fence line flower beds. I was talking to a gardener extraordinaire friend, and she attempted to talk some sense into me:

"All your flowers will be hidden there."  She said.
"You should make a big dramatic flower bed down the center of your yard." she said.

Tonya dear, you are so, so right. I should have listened!! Why didn't I listen? 

Wait, I know why. I was already hauling dirt and sod day after day, and one more huge thing like that just might have pushed me over the edge.

So. . . 

I like what's going on here. I do. But I still wish I'd have gone with the dramatic look. In fact. . . can't believe I'm saying this. . .

but the more the years go by, the more I'm really into flowers. I'm going to be an 80 year old gardener lady with more flowers than lawn. And I'm totally okay with that. The other day, I went jogging with one of my running buddies who likes flowers too, and we spent nearly the entire 4 mile run talking about plants we like. 

I was born an old lady.  And look!! I actually have a hydrangea that's decided to bloom!

It's an Independence Day miracle! My other hydrangeas just sit there and do nothing. At least they don't die. But that's about it.


So we're here. Perhaps next year I can go bigger and better. Now--

it totally doesn't matter, because it's over now, but I also opted to dig up all the lava rock we had in our beds along our driveway/up to the front door, and opted to plant instead. (see above, about how I'm an old lady and like flowers.)

It should not have taken this long to remove the lava rock, lay down some new weed barrier, haul in the soil, and get planting--

but holy freakity freak, it took me hours and hours and hours. If I recall, it was a week straight of just these beds. Good grief. I do like the flowers-- but it definitely doesn't make as big of an impact as I hoped. Not a biggie, but a tad disappointing for the effort.  Hmm.  I should get out and deadhead that dianthus.

I was going to talk about the awesome flowering pear trees I planted in the front park strips. But, no. A horrible windstorm came through and took one of them out--  I'm not through with all the stages of grief, yet.  I just. . .can't. Later, maybe. Just know that I had to replace one of them, and now I have one big tree, and one little weenee one. It looks completely ridiculous. Like "Twins", and one is Ahnuld, and one is Danny Devito. It's sad, really. 

So guess where we are on the pond, huh huh?!?! 

Totally not done. Sooooooo so so close. Maybe we can finish the flagstone work this week. Maaaybe. 

Please cross your fingers for us. And your toes. And your eyes. Now keep them like that until I say we're done.


Rosemary said...

Wow! That's all I can say - Wow!

Gigi said...

It looks gorgeous!! I too am a old lady plant lover. Except, I only do perennials. My backyard is scheduled for a huge overhaul but I'm waiting until the fall. I'm so ready to get back there but considering how huge the job is, I'm also kinda dreading it. But I know I will love the results when it's done.

Janelle said...

you are amazing. That is so much work and it is so beautiful. and I love the waterfall so much.

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Shelley Davis said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Wow! So much work on your whole yard. I love it! Your hyacinth looks so much like my Rose of Sharon. :)

Angela said...

Awesome. All of it. And thanks for that amazing song.

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