Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sometimes I'm Not Lazy.

I've noticed that everything I really want to do in my home these days is an evil combo of hard, expensive, and time consuming.
Frankly, I've felt pretty discouraged.  You can tell, can't you?

Take painting this room, for instance. I just simply don't know how to get up to that ceiling safely.
How long ago did I say I was going to frame in this wall o windows? No, don't answer. Let's just pretend like it was only six months ago.
Getting out my huge, heavy ladder just seemed, daunting. Crazy dangerous. And when I finally pep talked myself into crossing this project off my big list, I remembered why the Jeffro told me I couldn't do this project without another adult present.
Because hello this is high and I might fall and die and my pants are baggy and I thought I was having a decent hair day until I saw this picture.
You can call me a total baby, but it really was scary standing on the last rung of my ladder heaving pieces of trim over my head and managing the nailgun up there.
But it was so, so worth it. Holy cow I love these windows now. I love this room.
Okay so check this out.
When I first put up my pieces of mitered trim, the ends look like so. Now, I know there are lots of ways to "finish" trim, but this way, taught to me by the Daddy-o, is my favorite.
You make mitered cuts, and then you carefully slice off the ends to get these nifty little pieces. I was like a machine mitering and slicing. Mitering and slicing. I needed, let's see, 26 of these to complete my wall o windows.
And then instead, with the help of these little pieces and just a little wood glue, your trim looks like this now.
This entire, battered stairwell could use a repainting and don't you judge me. It's on the to-do.

Man this room has seen a lot of changes over the years.

It's funny how I just had this mental block about getting this whole thing done. It felt like a ton of work (and it was), and it felt dangerous (and it was). But once I was determined, and I found myself hauling in the air compressor and strapping on the ole nailgun, it was like, I don't know,

lunch with an old friend.  

Took me hours upon hours to spackle 'n paint, but it was actually funsies. I put on some old 80's movies to listen to (and attempted not to stop and watch at times), carried up a smallish bowl of gummy bears, worked my way around the room, and just went to town.

My favorite spot? New and improved stairwell windows:

(Window area before)

And now. So much better.
This has opened a serious can of worms. The hubs was trying to help me by carrying out the ginormo ladder, and I'm like,
"No, but thanks. Leave it in here."
I can't even, I don't even know where to start with all the things I want to change around in this area, now.
But I'm pretty excited.


DressUpNotDown said...

It's crazy what a difference trim makes!!!


Libby said...

the room looks much warmer with the trim...congrats on getting it done! I'd hire someone to do the room, let them fall off a ladder-they would have workman's compensation-well, in Canada they should!

Michelle Wilkes said...

I'm so impressed. What's the learning curve for using a nail gun and doing trim work?

Billie said...

Love it! What a difference! I think you are amazing.