Monday, January 26, 2015

I've Always Wanted To Do This.

Do you know what I've always wanted? ("Always" being a relative term?)
I want this ultra cozy bed. People, I love to sleep. I love to sleep, and I love to dream. I have a dream journal, because I am an ultra nerd.
Don't you hate it when people, like, tell you all about their dreams forever, and you're like Lloyd Christmas, and you're all, "I don't know. . . and I don't CARE. . . "
Sometimes I do that. (My favorite dreams are the ones where I like live in a castle-house and I get lost in my own place and it's so weird and crazy and awesome there I fit that in there.)
Lest we forget, let us revisit my boudoir and the current sleeping arrangement that is the Jeffro and I and my king-sized bed:
(As always, I'm curled up on the right. Actually I've more recently adapted this picture so that my husband more sleeps on a steep angle towards me, thus leaving more of the sea of bed on his side. But I can't find that more accurate craptacular drawing and I'm supposed to be cooking dinner right this second and it's called priorities, people.)
So here was my so sad bed for the last couple years.
I still totally loved it-- the white was actually working out, even if it isn't so white, and my pillows are squashed to total pancakes, and that's to be expected, BUT
my bed is wearing high waters. It's gimpy. Also someone doesn't know how to tuck in their top sheet even for a picture and that's totally trashy. Why does a king-sized comforter have to be questioned? I assumed a king-size meant it would actually hang over the bed more than a few inches. But that's just me. Going around assuming.
So I saw this article on Pinterest:
And the quest for the most cozy, whisper sweet nothings in my ear type of bed was revived.
So the picture of the bed above was one of my faves, and so was this one,

and this one.

What do these three pictures have in common, I ask myself?
Neutral tones, which we all know I love. "Bor-ing" (sing-song voice). And pa-lenty of textures, and most importantly, faux fur. It must be done.
I can't spend a lot, people. I'm on a budget (which I've already totally blown in freaking January but I don't want to talk about it.) Don't expect a ton from me, okay.
So here's what I did: I measured my "king-sized" current comforter and realized that the new one need be over 100 inches at least, dang it,
and then I hit Ikea to scout for cheap fur and then on to Target for new neutrals. And it was totally fun.
Couple things, here-- I love this bed. I love it. You don't have to love it, and that's okay, because you don't sleep in it. But I love it.
(Sidenote: can you see that random orange pillow on my window seat? I was throwing in some orange here and there into the boudoir. Ask me how that went. It didn't.)
Anyways, so the messier (within reason) this bed is, the more it calls to me. It still has to look made "ish", but if it's like turned down and looks like someone snuck into it and pretended they didn't, like pillows are kind of helter skelter and stuff, then I love it all the more. The fur rug is right where I pray and I totally love that, and my sheets aren't so white and that's totally embarrassing but not embarrassing enough to care. They're clean okay and that's what matters.
Currently trying to talk the hubs into a hardwood floor in here. What do you think about only one room being done in hardwood for the time being? Strange?
So here's to dragging my behind out of bed in the morning for a freezing cold and dark jog. Wish me luck. And also, I'm taking a couple vacays over the next couple weeks so I'll see you in a while. Have a good one, and don't break into my house because it's not vacant and the occupant has an itchy trigger finger. 


Owlhaven said...

This looks great! I would totally do one floor at a time-- why not?

Rhonda said...

Love it. It looks very comfy and soft. I think I need a nap. Oh and some shopping to make my bed more comfy. Do the wood floor. I would love to replace my carpet (and for that matter, all of my slate) for wood floors.

J Young said...

Looking good! I have really been wanting to redo our bed for a looonnnng time, I'm a little jealous right now. :)

Rach said...

Looks great! And I LOVE your drawing of the bed situation...I had that pinned when you first did it a while back because it's our house too. But add three kids to it at 5 am with a fat lip and bruised ribs...
Have a great vacay!

Jules said...

Very cool! The other thing all pics have in common is no dust ruffle... Try it, you might love it. I love the clean feel it gives. Also, less places for spiders to hide. I HATE spiders!

Alisnotmartha said...

oh man, love it - but just say no to hardwood in the bedroom unless you want to hear every single creak and pin drop and and and... we had it for 5 years in the previous abode a mile north and flipping hated hated hated it. Even dumber? The master bath was carpeted. Who in the snot carpets a bathroom?! But I digress...

Kimbo West said...

oh...if i pull that lady in the three bears and you come home and find me in your bed cause it was "just right". Just let me sleep...cause iloveit.

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

I totally want a california king comforter! We currently have three - yes three queen blankets on our bed so it constantly looks like a bomb went off in our bed. Drives me insane. GRR. This is pretty and I'm jealous.