Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year, Let's Make Better Bad Decisions.

I'm not one to make big New Year's resolutions.  Or actually, any resolutions at all.
Except for one resolution, and I just realized recently that this certain resolution has been my one thing I want to change for. . . wait for it. . . 7 years.
That's kind of embarrassing.  Just a little.  Let's not talk about what it is.  Oh fine.  It's not like you don't already know.  It hastodowithcleaningupmylanguagethereIsaiditmoving on.
This year's different.  I mean business, this year.  2 biggies.  One smallie.
Let's start with the smallie.  That's easier. 
This year, I'm gonna focus more on pictures.
I love pictures.  New pictures, old pictures.  Good pictures, crappy pictures-- I just like pictures.  I'm gonna be a snap-happy fool this year.  Get back to my roots 'n all.
Okay.  Here's my biggie.
This year, I am on a challenge.  This year, I will be spending THE LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY HUMANLY POSSIBLE.
I had to say it real loud and real big.  Sorry.  Lemme tell ya a quick story to have this all make sense.
So, last month, it was unbelievable, finance-wise.  Imagine, if you will, watching your savings account just slowly flush down the toilet. 
Anything, and I mean anything, we could possibly have needed to pay all came to a head in like one week's time.
Any bill we needed to pay on the work of the "other house" was called in.  All of it, and we threw a serious chunk of cha-ching at that house to get it ready to sell (can't even talk about it-- chunks are rising. . . ). 
Car insurance, taxes on the house, Christmas, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. . . we paid it all.  At once. 
And I was sick about it.  Honestly, I have never seen our money drain faster.  EVER.  I was so uptight-- you know, I seriously can't think of a time I was that uptight about money.  I was a basket case.
"Mandi was so uptight, that if you put a lump of coal. . ."  never mind.  Just know that in two weeks, you'd have a diamond.
I don't ever want to feel that way again.  But at the same time, I see that time of pure misery as a huge blessing.  Big.  Huge.
I'm sorry to go on and on, but I used to be a super frugal person.  Extremely responsible with our finances.  Then we moved, had our new house, and it was all,
"Well, you own a house, now.  You have to purchase a lawnmower.  And you need a snow blower.  And a ______ and a ______ and_______."
And then, all of the sudden, you're justifying everything, because it's for the "good of the house".  $200 on lumber for your son's window bed?   Don'tmindifIdo!!
And next thing you know, you don't blink at throwing large amounts of money at Lowe's, and you need a hot tub, because "the house just needs one."
Wha? - Let's never speak of 2012 again.
I don't even know who I am anymore.   But I'm not this person.
A month or two back, I remember leaving Target, $200 down, and subconsciously thinking,
"Dude.  You need an intervention."
Well, my money meltdown recently was my intervention.  You know what this is like?  This is like those spoiled kids who are total brats, and the parents take everything away from them, and they slowly have to earn back their stuff.
I'm the spoiled kid.  And I'm doing this to myself.  And shockingly, I'm totally excited about it.  This is a supreme challenge, and I am up for it.
Said to the hubs yesterday,
"Do you think I could go an entire year without purchasing one item of clothing for myself?"
Jeffro (snorts): "NO."  (deadpan.) - Sorry that, statistically speaking, you probably won't fulfill your resolution
Is that a challenge?  I'll take that as a challenge.  Realistically I probably really can't make it that long because my pajama shirt already has holes in both armpits, but, I can try.
So!  Who's with me!!?!?
Does this mean I won't be doing projects on the house in 2013?  YES!  NO.  Creating crap is my hobby, hello.  But I'm going to be super, super wise about how it all gets done, from now on. 
I'm not saying this is gonna be easy.  My sister bought a hot pair of nude heels just yesterday and I almost ran out and got myself a pair right then and there, for crying out loud.
 --If you're still with me after all this chit chat, you are awesome. 
Biggie #2:
It's not a "word" of the year, as much as it is a quote.  And this is the quote:
 Does this seem contradictory to biggie #1?  I promise, it's 'snot. 
And what do I mean by this quote?  Oh, I'm just taking it on as my personal job to make every day seem "special". 
Busting out the "nice" plates on a regular Tuesday and eating by candlelight occasionally?  Check.  Breakfast in bed for someone for no particular reason?  Check.  Poppin' in the hot tub right quick when it's really bed time here and there?  Check.  Late night snack with the kiddos?  Check and check. 
Basically, I'd like to think that if the world ended tomorrow, I could say "Well gee, I'm so glad the last day of my life on Earth was filled with good hard work and a side of awesomesauce."
So that's my feelings.  Nothing more than feelings.  And as always, thanks for listening.



Riggers said...

Love this post!
My finances have taken a beating over the last few years, so I'm with you on trying to spend nothing (though I know I have some car expenses coming up at the end of January!)
as for making an effort to make days special.....t'was already on my "to do" list for this year!

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I really like your last resolution! My brother and I were just talking about making every day count just the other day, especially in light of what has happened over the past year. It makes it easier when life gets tough that you can count all the little blessings that add up to make a huge difference.

Good luck to you in 2013!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Dude. This post totally speaks to me.
Thankfully we haven't had to flush our savnings with crazy bills, but I need to save more. For me it's the fact that I spent years living frugally on a small salary, then as it grew, my excitement at my spending abilities grew. Whoops!
So glad I found your blog :)

Michelle Johnnie said...

You are so much like me. I am very frugal. I hate to see money wasted. Even though we can afford more, we live below our means for many reasons. Debt drives me crazy! You are awesome. I hope you can put $15,000 in the savings account this year! Maybe your husband makes a lot and you can save even more!!!!

Megan said...

Right there with ya' with every single word and resolution. Lots of Pictures this year? Done. We didn't spend our savings, heck we hardly even have a savings!! But I'm trying to change that. And that last one? Totally inspired me. I've always been, "oh hey let's spend some money since we can't take it with us." So why not use those fancy dishes...I can't take those with us either.

Kat said...

Crap. I literally just ordered sheets for my boys from Pottery Barn that cost $117. The first time IN MY LIFE I've ever spent money like that on something like sheets. Seriously, I'm the Goodwill Queen. Okay, now that THAT'S out of my system, I'm with ya! (after I buy myself a nice pair of running shoes, that is. I've seriously had my current pair for like 8 years. I'm due.) Good and challenging post:) BTW, I'm Kat and I'm semi-new to your blog. Love it. And congrats on paying off your awesome.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm determined not to buy what we don't need this year, too, Mandi. For my projects, I'd like to use up what I've got {sewing, crafting, etc.} and if I do need something it will be from the thrift store. Any supplies {Joanns, Michaels, Hob Lob} will not be bought without a coupon either. No coupon, then it has to wait until I have one. Oh, and biggie, I'm not whipping out the credit card either. I'm going to be using cash, which I think will help keep me in line, too. Good luck ~ we're gonna need it! : )

Anonymous said...

Great post, and I'm totally with you on this one! I've always been frugal, however, I've finally made the decision that you can limit your spending to thrift stores, and still end up piling your house up with a whole lot of "stuff" you really don't need. I started a series on my blog, "Decluttering 101", which I kind of suspended during Christmas, because of decorating, but I'm going back at it strong in the coming weeks. And, I'm NOT replacing the "stuff" with MORE "stuff". Nope! I'm loving me some empty space, Whoo! Hoo!

Shirley Moore said...

Hmm, well, I'm here to support ya man, but I think my year is gonna be different than yours, cause I'm seriously thinking of opening an online store to sell my jewelry, and I Know all sorts of expenses will come with that decision...
And I'm also going to have a REAL garden this year. As in, hopefully enough tomatoes to can. Just so ya know, I'm not Garden Gretta by any means. Like, I don't really go outside much....:)
So any tips and frugalness you can pass along, I will totally lap up....

Rach said...

Love this post!
I'm right there with ya...after Christmas I kinda went crazaay and spent a lot of money. That's crap. No more!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I so know the feeling about the "crash and burn" financially!! Yikes
We had a similar experience!! So we are going on a budget and I get an expense account to use as I see fit. Good idea and it should save our butts!! I tend to have a lot of "good ideas" that I just need to do. And then.....sigh! Well you know!!

Patty said...

We have been on a financial diet for 2 years, and I HATE it. I am not pointing fingers, but we almost lost everything because someone I love didn't think they had to balance a checkbook. October of 2014 can't come fast enough. Good luck to having a better 2013.

Lauras Crafty Life said...

My husband has finally been doing really great at work, and it makes me want to be more frugal than ever so we can finally build up our savings and pay down our debt. Good luck with your resolution. I am sure you will do great! And I love the quote about the special occasion stuff. I think it is so true. Sad that we often treat our guests better than our own families!!

Rochelle Wall said...

Mandi, I can definitely relate to your wondering if you can manage to not purchase new clothes in 2013. Last year, that was my resolution, and I did very well for most of the year - except then I got pregnant, and all those plans went out the window. Hope it works out better for you!


Libby said...

We're going to try to live on what our pension might be (a guestament)...which is going to be tricky since we're going to have two kids getting married and one of them is our only daughter!

I was looking for a quote to make for a tile I bought...Thomas S. Monson's just might make the cut (of vinyl).

Have a great year!

Stuff Parents Need said...

Very cool! I can't wait to hear more details about whatever the rules will be for your spending (or not spending, as it were). I'd like to do something similar, but I can't come up with a coherent plan.

Jean @ said...

Love this post. I've had a similar "end of year" financial drain. No bueno! This year, I'm using what I got already...although... I'm looking at a thousand dollar sofa on Overstock...someone help me!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Oooh I like it! I'm excited to see what you have planned! Go Mandi go!

Emily said...

I am with you on the finances! We will keep each other in check. Every time either of us want to go buy something... shoes for example ( I just bought 3 new pairs)we should call and we can talk each other down! Ü

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