Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fit for a Shite.

Wanna know how much $$ I spent on thee ole bathroom?

Do ya, do ya?

Go ahead; ask. Get all up in my biz-nis.

*Please note: if I was made of money, of course I would have loved to completely start over. Drop a couple grand. Who wouldn't? But since I am working with what is already there. . ..

I think I spent, wait for it. . . under $200.

Possibly you're thinking,

"What? $200 on what??"

Well, allow me to explain myself.

Let us start at rock bottom, where there is nowhere to go, but up.

Perhaps you remember this horror:

And perhaps you had a flashback of one night at a nasty gas station restroom, where "For manly love be here March 25th, 2:15 am sharp" is written on the stall door. Perhaps.
(name that movie!)

I'm pleased to announce that after bleach gel, CLR, Comet (not mixed), a brush, and a razor blade (seriously. A razor blade to scrape off deposits), that the toy-toy is sparkly clean.

But alas, I couldn't save the toilet seat. Instantly down $20. Bing.
New toilet guts to stop it from running constantly (more $$. Bing.) Removal of all old, putrid caulk and replacement of new, white, clean caulk, and:

I felt like I was alllll up in this toilet. Like, elbow deep. And I will suffer the traumatic consequences of this to the grave.

And thee single, most expensive thing of all, and which I would like to yell at the top of my lungs,


($40 for a purty one. Bing.)

I don't want to talk about the craptastic way those drawers were put together. Let's talk about paint.($30. Bing.)
This color is called "Tighty Whitey", by Ralph. . . Stewart. .. Niner. . .

Yeah, it's just plain old white. I don't do white "shades" because I'm sloppy and pay no attention to detail.

It's part of my mental situation.

So. . . .the rest of the cost?
Molding. And it was worth every penny.

V-groove paneling surrounds, big, fat baseboard, some chair rail (which also happens to be baseboard, but remember my rule: molding is molding. It can be used anywhere, any direction. It is never wrong.)

Little bit o' crown on the tops and bottoms of my little closet here, some scrap 1x4 to back the crown up, casing on the sides, particle board shelving, and voila.

The "closet" alone could probably use it's own post complete with diagrams.

But would I do that to you?

Baseboard (refer to rule above) to make my own frames for the prints from Ikea,

(thank you to "Severus" for all the beelions of cuts I made just in this room)

a free mirror that I trimmed in with scraps,

(Well, hellooo there. .. wink wink)

4 coats of a high-gloss tile sealer to spiff up that sorry ace, dull tile in here:

Ta Da.

Stick a fork in it, this bathroom is done, man.


gina3 said...

I'm just plain jealous...of the bathroom...of your talents...of Severus...of how fast you complete big major projects...ridiculously awesome! Now, please tell me how you framed the mirror. It may seem easy to you but for me it would be a big undertaking but I desperately want my bathroom big ol' mirrors framed out. They look so much nicer!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

dumb and dumber right?

and I should mention..


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Goodness that was a fast redo! It looks great. I really love the closet and how the little bit of striping goes with the sepia prints. Toilet looks good too!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

PS If I were a cool chick like you and how power saws I wouldn't have wasted half of my life at Home Depot today surrounded by idiots.

Suesan said...

It looks awesome. Just a thought, but if those drawers bug you, could you pull them out, put a shelf in there and replace the drawers with some baskets?

I love the Ikea frame and how you trimmed out the closet. Wonderful, wonderful job!

Audra said...

Fabulous redo! Just when I think you can't impress me any more than you did with the last great make over you do...BAM! Here it is, all up in my face and making me jealous. Yep...I said it...Green with envy and yet so stinking in awe of your talent.

I know I have said it before, but I will repeat myself You Rock!

Lori said...

I wondered what you were going to do with that skinny narrow space next to the tub and wall. Perfecto!

Meghan said...

This is fantabulous sister!

restlessrisa said...

You're hilarious... just sayin'...


Oh, and the bathroom looks great too.

slommler said...

Wow!! Fabulous! And you accomplished this with $200?? Amazing!! Ahhh freaking amazing!!
Love the white and all the molding...terrific!!

Dara said...

I can tell ya what dumb arses took the shower head....because they took more then one. They took 2 of them actually and a toilet seat..... Damn Effing renters. I hated them more then words....Honestly! And I know that is not that nice of me, but when it comes to those people, I could careless! I hope they rot....MOVING on!
The bathroom looks A-frickin-mazing!

Lisa said...

I love your love affair with molding any which way! The frames are such a great idea. Looks gorgeous!

Julie said...

I am currently looking at home after home in an effort to own my own piece of the Great Salt Lake Valley and due to my price range I am looking at a lot of short sales. I have to say as I gaze upon crap hole after crap hole I have truely found myself thinking, "I wonder if I could get all Mandy Tremayne on this room?" I am loving all your DIY makeover projects. And your ability to get it done at such low cost gives a very scared future homeowner some hope. Thanks

Emily said...

yeah...that just looks awesome! I love the frames you made! They are just cool. And I do love the closet! How awesome is that? You amaze me, you truly do!

Marjory Steele Skousen said...

You deserve another HUGE reward! Because I'm telling ya, I would have had that toliet replaced! The nightmares of cleaning that would shorten my life. I could never touch anything again without wanting to boil my hands. You are one bad a** women.

Teri said...

Oh my gosh...I seriously really love it! Any chance you could do a tutorial on how to frame in a mirror? Our mirror in our new bathroom is kinda chippy and skanky around the edges, but I'm not sure I want to take it all the way down until we're ready to paint (I don't think it's painted behind!) I'm seriously going to have to go back and take some notes on your previous posts as we get into the decorating. (Pics to come once I find the stinkin' camera cord!)

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

It needs some COLOR or a fake plant or something!! Props for cleaning that toilet...GRooooooss!

Elle said...

If you ever get to feeling nostalgic...just come do my bathroom. I'll let you have a free hand!

That looks real nice! And very cheaply done too! I like!

New follower. Simple Wyrdings

Mrs BC said...

You have done an absolutely AMAZING make over on this bathroom! But... what is WITH those drawers? Please throw them away & make a pin striped curtain to hang in their place. Maybe in a crisp grey stripe?(Actual material, not beadboard)

lemondropdreams said...

Ok, I'm the trash who took the shower head because I really really liked it. BUT, damn, I at least replaced it with a cheapy one.

Ema said...

Just came across your blog from another blog...loving all the dumb and dumber references (just go man...oh...that's really warm" and then the manly love one). Laughed out loud

Anny said...

It matches the rest of your house now :) Its lovely, as always, and I love the framed Ikea pictures the most. I kept staring at the first shot of them trying to figure out if they were built into the wall *lol*

The place I'm moving into has tile like that in the kitchen and they get really grimy since most people come in through there. I think tile sealer like yours would make them a lot easier to clean since they don't look as if they were ever sealed. Is it slippery once sealed? I'd like to have it be lower maintenance but I don't want people to break limbs coming in on rainy days :)