Sunday, February 21, 2010

That was a close call.

Ze Subway art eees done, mesdames.

And it's been done for over 2 weeks. Well, mostly.

Just sittin' there in my living room. Waitin' for some lazy A to get off their butt and make a frame for it ('cause where am I gonna get an 8 ft by 1 ft frame? I ask you?)

So I started cutting my 45's for the frame.

And then it sat some more.

I really wanted to get this done. Really. But there was this

and this

and then there were these




OH and this. . .

along with one (or maybe more. . . ) of these

to distract me. Umkay?

So what was I talking about? I got distracted. . .

Oh, right!

So um, this would be like the yellow line on the Metro. So if you go to Paris, you could use my subway art as a guide 'n stuff. 'Cept we switched 'em all around for visual purposes, so I guess you'd be like totally confused. And probably lost. And really, really mad.

So just use a real map, I guess.

Anywho, I had plans to hang it here.

That was before it changed to this.

But I can still hang it there, right? Just like over the molding? I guess?

Jeff said no. In fact, he didn't just say "no", there was this extremely mature interchange.

Jeff: "Um, you can't put it there."

Me: "Why?"

Jeff (because broken-record works when talking to the slow-brained): "You can not put it there."

Me: "WHY-YUH?"

Jeff: "Um, 'cause it'll look ridiculous hanging inches off the wall to clear your molding."

Me (channeling my inner Lloyd Christmas): "Yeah? So? YEAH? SO?"

Jeff: "People will knock into it, and. . . " (that's where I stopped listening in a poor-sport rage).

And like the mature 30 year old I am, I said,

"You are a HUGE. .. party pooper!"

But right then, 10 feet away,

it was as if the heavens opened, light shone down, angels sang. ..


Yes. . . I see it. . . the perfect spot for the perfect size, sans the frame. . .

Phew. Marital crisis averted.

Creations by Kara


Linked up to The Shabby Nest.


chris w said...

You are hilarious! I love the end result.

MyFavoriteThings said...

that turned out awesome! I'm going to try that in a smaller version, my house is tiny. Thanks for all your great ideas and for making me smile everytime I read your posts.

Teri said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely love it! Did you paint these letters, or are they vinyl? I would LOVE something like this in my living room...I don't have the French decor, but even with Canadian cities or something it would be fab! Love love love! Thanks for being so inspiring...and freakin' hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a ver yvery funny woman!! And I love the art work! I would love that in my apartment.

dena4kids said...

OOOooooo...I love it! I think I like it better there than by the stairs. I love it with the door in the background! BTW I love the angel pic. Cracked me up.=)

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I love the sign. Are you going to share how you did it? And what about that great door behind it?
Tell the where and what's of that?
Thanks for sharing, love it.

Janelle Bartlome said...

I need those angels at my house!
Send them over.

Mo said...

I like it there! That looks great!

Meg said...

Love the subway art! I am sooo in love with All Things French as well! But please, please, please give more info on the lovely black door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mandi said...

Meg- it doesn't bring me to anything when I click on your profile so I can't respond to you--

the door I made. There's more about it here:

Anny said...

You are too funny but that spot really is perfect :D

Connie said...

Brilliant place to display your sign. LOvE iT!

Calamity Anne said...

Fantastic blog...I'll be back!!!

Tausha said...

How did you know that I have a whole package of beadboard that stares me down everytime I walk into my craft room? I would have never thought to use vinyl on the bead board. Genius! I love when other people are so smart and then they share the smartness with others! Love it!
Thanks for the inspiration! Please, stop by sometime and say hello.

Leanne said...

Ohhhh, I love the sign. Great job and glad you all finally agreed.

Anonymous said...

THAT spot is PERFECT! It looks fabulous with all your other lovely goodies! Awesome job on the sign and thank heavens for angelic intervention!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I can not tell you how much I loved your sign...of course the fact that says ARGENTINE (my place!) in big letters, helped a lot!! LOL!!
Seriously, your sign is striking, to be honest I didn't read much of the post at the beginning because I kept coming back to the sign! This was just a great inspiration piece. Thank you so much for sharing it!

kirstin & jordan said...

this is fabulous! I especially love the materials that you used- I think we might have some beadboard laying around from a different project. and I love your distractions- haha! :)
we have a friday fun find party- if you're interested, we'd love it if you'd link up tomorrow!

Sarah said...

I love it! Great job!!!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...


cozycapeintheburbs said...

This is awesome. I love it. I am so happy I stumbled upon our blog.

Tiffany said...

This is just awesome! I love it. It looks perfect in that spot! Such a great graphic eye catcher! Goes right along with the other decor and looks like it was meant to be there. Fabulous!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Easily distracted, eh? I have no clue what that's like. :)

Cute stuff girl! Love it!

Jackie said...

Just found your blog through Jen and you are hilarious and talented!! LOVE the sign!!

1 Funky Woman said...

I love it you did an amazing job, it looks perfect there! I just found your blog through Sanctuary Arts at Home and now you have a new follower. I love paris too! I just did my Homage to Paris, check me out 1funkywomanblogspot I also did a keep calm and carry on in my Happiness 101 post, I hope you can check it out!

1 Funky Woman said...

Its me again, how do I become a follower?

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

You are so funny! I love your writing style and your subway sign. Please come decorate my house. thanks for showing this at

Annette @ Designs By A Rose said...

I just found your blog at The Shabby Nest. I love the way you write, you cracked me up! Sounds like a conversation between me and my hubby. The sign is really cute too. Will definitely follow and add you to my reader.

shannon said...

Ok, So I have been wanting to create a subway art piece for a while now, and I just love what did! I am going to get started on mine soon now. Thanks for more inspiration.