Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybe it'll help him whistle better.

This is my son.

My crazy-browed son.

He's channeling his inner "Labyrinth" David Bowie. (The brows. Not the hair. Or those really tight pants.)

Anywho, 'bout this time last year, he had a little mini teeth surgery.

Yeah. Get that finger out of there.

See, John's teeth came in like way early. Waaay early. Like when he was 2 months. And they came in like this.

'S not good.
So they got capped. Like this.

Last weekend, he had a fall. I'm such a good mom, that I don't know when. Or where. Or how.
But when I noticed it, I gasped. Like huge.
Like when you're in the car with your hubby and you think he's not paying attention and you're about to have an accident, but you're not. And he's really irritated you scared him like that.
That kind of gasp.

The dentist thinks he hit his chin. Which clanked his bottom teeth into his top teeth. And broke one of them clean off.


So we've got a choice. Thankfully his tooth is protected. This is a cosmetic issue only. So,

He can go through the same mini surgery. Have it re-done.

Or we can go with the Cletus-the-slack-jawed-yokel/Lloyd Christmas look.

Are you ready for his close up?

Come here, son.

Oh. . . good heaven above.

Yeah. We're opting for the redneck look. Putting him to sleep/having him go through that/$2000 isn't really something I'm too excited about.

Go ahead. You can call him "Lloyd" the next time ya see him.

Or Cletus. Whatever floats your boat.


Rebecca D said...

(shuddering at the thought of a tooth breaking...) least it's a baby tooth... a really expensive one... but one that wil fall out someday...right..

Janelle said...

I'm going for Cletus.

That is a name.

It actually does not look too bad. I was imagining much worse.

He is so cute no one will even notice.

Unknown said...

Oh my, I wouldn't worry at all. No body is looking at his teeth, not with those blue eyes to look at. Prettiest, or handsomest eyes I've seen in a long time.

chris w said...

Awwww, sweet little Cletus Bowie.

You remind me of the baby
What baby? the baby with the power
What power? power of voodoo
Who do? you do
Do what? remind me of the baby

He is rockin' that look!

WhettenWild said...

Nope.....he's still just as darling as ever. I have to say its a lot better than I thought it would be too!

Jenna said...

That is too cute! Poor little guy! Good thing baby teeth fall out :)

Emily said...

Poor kid. It's not that bad. I bet no one will notice. He is too cute!!

Andrea said...

Poor little guy, I think he looks cute though.

Teri said...

Ohhh, he's so cute! :)

chris w said...

I'm so glad you got that reference. That was either going to be really good or really aaaaawkwaaaard.

We so were destined to be friends.

chris w said...
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Anny said...

Awww poor baby, at least baby teeth get swapped out soon anyway :)

Jana said...

I just found your blog form "thrifty chick" and HAD to leave a comment. My son, 2 next week, had his 4 top front teeth come in the SAME way!!! He had surgery last summer to have all four capped. $10,000 later--(SOOO Thankful for good insurance) he has been sporting 4 shiny white teeth.

Last week HE fell and broke one of them completely off!! I was beyond devastated!!!!! I took him back to his pedi. dentist, not sure what they would do. Horror of horrors, they pulled it!!! As other comments said, I'm just thankful it was a baby tooth and hope his permanent ones come in healthy.

I was amazed to find your story and couldn't believe how similar it was to mine. Glad you shared!!

dena4kids said...

I SOOoooo feel your pain! Emma was redneck for 2 months! Sigh. I don't want anymore teeth issues!
At least his tooth is protected.=)
(and it is a baby tooth.=)

Ryan and Rachel said...

He's still one of the dangdest cutest kids I've ever met. True story. Besides, keepin' him redneck will just help him fit right in when you move back! (I heard that there any truth to it?!?! How FANTASTICAL would THAT be?!)