Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burning Questions That Deserve Answers.

First oh-so-important question:

Mckenna's hair.

"Is her hair RED?" Or, the more often, not-question format: "She has RED hair!"

It's like this. Right now, it looks red. We don't have a soul on either side of our family with red hair. What we do have, is plenty of little chillin's that start out with reddish hair.

There's still a hint of it in this pic. I know! I can't believe those curls.

And they turn out like this.

See what I'm sayin'?
Now I guess there could be some strange mix of my color and Jeff's color. . . only time will tell, I 'spose.

Question 2, or B. "Do you live in the house with all the windows?"

Yessiree. That's us. Bought the house 'cause I love all the natural light. Really. Or the question goes like this: "Do you live in the house that was for sale forever?"
Yep. Dara was saving it just for us. Right. Right? Thanks 'cause I love my house. Obviously. That's why I bought it.

Hope this clears up the questions you, dear reader, probably weren't the ones asking. But hey, knowing is half the battle.


Dara said...
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Dara said...

Well since my name was in your post and I check out your blog often because I am in awe and amazed at how beautiful you have made the joint....I figured I should leave a comment....
I am THRILLED you love that house!!! And I hope you are loving the little hood too! I sure do!

Oh and PS, hope you don't mind that I read your little slice of the internet!

dena4kids said...

I like your house too. I just wish it was in a different location. You know like...ASHEBORO!=) I love Mckenna's hair! She is really a cute baby!Not that I am surprised! Just another Tremayne SUPERSTAR!(jazz hands=)

WhettenWild said...

I'm thinking she will turn out white blonde like Macy. That will be a shocker! I still can't believe how light Macy's hair is.