Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lotsa Goings Ons-es.

G'Day mate! How are ya? Say you're well.

It's beautiful weather here, I've got two projects going down inside the house, and a gajillion projects outside the house, and I'm feeling excited and spring-y and life is just good. Know what I'm sayin'?

Side note; have I mentioned I'm taking sewing lessons? Bless my teacher's pure, patient heart. I'm sure I make thee best stories for other, real sewers. "She did WHAT?"

I don't even know what I'm doing in this picture. I was really excited about this sewing pocket belt thingy we whipped up one lesson, and I was doing this freaky butt slapping dance while taking a picture of it--

which explains why all the pics I took of it are blurry. Hold the freak still, woman.

But back to the point! Life is good. Sewing lessons are happening. Violin lessons (about to enter my 3RD YEAR, people!) are still happening. My new nailgun is seeing lotsa action, and my days are full of fun 'n exciting stuff.

But can we talk about my backyard again? Pwease? Just as a refresher, we've really put our backs into this place the last couple years. If you'll recall,

we started here.

And then, we worked our buns off and got here.

Planters, pergola, and a firepit way back there that I was originally super unhappy about but I really don't give a doodoo about anymore. It is what it is; we use it. we like it. We haven't set fire to many things yet, so that's good.

Anyways, after a few years of deliberation, we opted to move our fence out to be able to utilize the space we have better.

So you can see our original fence on the left, and we were pushing it forward to the new posts on the right, see? Gaining quite a bit of footage on this side of the house, 

and enclosing our swings and garden on the other side, and really opening up the firepit/hot tub side. And that's all I want to say about that because I used to be excited about it but we upset the neighbors and now it's a sore subject the end.


Happier subject: my first wheelbarrow! That's something to be excited about. ("If we only had a WHEELBARROW, now that would be something!" name that movie.) Also, I finally caved and traded my pergola swings ropes with chains. Those ropes were just spiky, slivery buggers. 

We have soooooo many different ideas floating in our head about how to best utilize the space, make it less of a mowing headache, less of a water sucker, and enjoy the entire space better. But we aren't sure what should go where and if we'll regret more planter space.?. Ack I need someone to come boss me around! 

Can I ask you: what's your take on grass vs. planting areas? I do love to plant, really I do-- I'm an animal during the spring and early summer; you could pimp me out anywhere to dig and plant during that time---

and then. . . .

August hits and I want nothing to do with watering and weeding. Burn myself out every.single.time.  What's your thoughts? Deep feelings?  

What we definitely are going ahead with, as we've already gathered massive quantities of materials, is a water feature.

The Jeffro's sketch. I love it when he sketches stuff up. Sigh. A teeny waterfall into a pond with lilies and fish (I'm seriously trying to talk him out of the danged fish but his heart is set on it). Visible from the windows in the house, the pergola/deck area, and the road. I'm excited! We're excited! Now someone come boss me around some more. Gosh I hope the sprinkler adjusting won't turn into a nightmare.


Rosemary said...

Your garden is looking wonderful and full of potential at the same time. I'm not sure whereabouts you live in the US but here in Australia fish are not only decorative in a pond, they keep mosquito and other insect larva out of the pond.

As far as burning out with planting I used to do that too. Now I plant only perennials that are drought hardy once established. I get the flowers and year round greenery but I don't have to be a slave to watering.

Gigi said...

Your backyard is already beautiful and when you are done it will be even more so. I'm with Rosemary...perennials are the way to go.

I'm teaching myself to sew - but after some of my attempts I'm about ready to throw in the towel and get lessons.

Jen said...

I'm the same with planting and then wanting it to just look after itself. The secret to life is mulch - but LOTS of it. If you mulch thick enough (like 4-5 inches thick) then it not only keeps the soil moist (ew) but it also banishes weeds. It's like magic!

And like Rosemary above said, plant perennials. They kind of do their own thing and keep flowering year after year. Annuals are a waste of time and money, they only look good half the time and keep costing money and work every year.

And I sympathise with the neighbour thing - BTDT and it's no fun.

Janelle said...

I love your blog. I am always so happy when I see you've made a new post. You have made a difference in my life because you are always trying to improve yourself and your house. I want to be like you! I love that you take lessons and learn new skills. I am going to do that to- just got to figure out when...

I am excited about the pond and to see your other projects you've got going on.

I am the same as you and weeding. August hits and I HATE weeding. So I don't do it and my yard looks like crap. But... I have never seen your yard look like crap so you must be a better weeder than me.

Jacquelyn Cory said...


THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!! Westley says that line while they are trying to figure out how to get into the castle. Sorry about your neighbor issue with the fence; hope everything works out in the end.


Saga said...
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Saga said...

I just found your blog via Pinterest, and I love it. Hilarious AND interesting.

I deliberately do less in the garden than I have the energy for. It has taken a few years to get there, to stop myself from starting out to big in spring.

Anyway, my thoughts on grass is that I find it very exotic to have to tend to and water a lawn. In my part of the world grass is a hungry zombie plant that furiously take over every bit of soil if you don't fight it with everything the garden shed contains.
Not very helpful for you, sorry.