Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Every Self Respecting Girl Should Have One.

I'm just going to start right off asking the question I promised I wouldn't ask:
Can one have too many built-ins??
I know I said I wouldn't cut into my drywall again. I said and said and said those words- I said them, but I lied them. (Dr. Seuss).
I currently have four built-ins. Count 'em.
You can point out that the "EAT" is off-center. But I'd wear a cup first.
Number 2. In the master bath.

Also in the master bath. Yep, brass shower. You're jealous.
And finally, the "command center".
Okay. Hold that thought. Let us move on.
A great friend had a great idea of building a nail polish shelf for her daughter for Christmas. Have you seen this awesomeness around?! I'm probably the last person to know about such awesomeness, but check out how it turned out:
Total.Cuteness. Right? Every self respecting girl should have one.
I want one. I don't have that much nail polish because my nails are typically broken and covered in paint flecks, but I'm thinking spots for perfume, too. Possibly even jewelry? Maybe hair products? The possibilities are endless!
So this Christmas gift ended up being something that Jeffro and I got to help out with. And when I say Jeffro and I, I really mean I made all the cuts and Jeffro put it all together and kind of pushed me out of the way. Which is cool 'n all.  I just wish I could somehow harness this positive energy I never knew he had into our house projects, because he typically gives the impression he'd rather have his gums scraped.
It's like we're making a wooden flag, yes? That would be totes cute, too.
Here it is nearly done.
And just in case you want to make this adorable nail polish shelf too, I'm going to go ahead and give you a shopping and cut list. You're welcome.
Shopping List
(3) pieces of 1x2 MDF trim @ 8ft. long
(1) piece of beadboard cut to size (*optional*. This can be placed directly on the wall with no extra backing)
Optional pieces of moulding of your choice to go along the shelves to act as a lip that holds polish in.
Cut List
2 - 1x2 @ 23 3/4" (sides)
5 - 1x2 @ 36" (bottoms and three of the shelves)
1 - 1x2 @ 24"  (shorter shelf)
1 - 1x2 @ 8 5/8" (This is the one vertical piece inside)
30 minutes of assembly time, and a bajillion torturous hours of painting (or at least it feels like it unless you like torture),
And bam.
I want one!
Now let us revisit the question of built ins--
I would love to carve out a space in this vanity area and inset into the wall my polish and perfumes. I promise I could make room. Can I, huh huh? HUH?


Dara said...

Thats awesome! And I know who that was made for and if anyone deserves it, its her! I adore that girl and her mom is one of the most amazing women I have ever EVER met! That is amazing!

Carla said...

holy that is a lot of nail polish. I love the built ins, and after looking at the first four you totally had me roped in thinking "no, there can definitely never be too many, I love them all!." But...

Yeah, there's a but. A built in for nail polish in the bedroom makes it hard to ever rearrange. Not that you would want to. But, you do like to rearrange sometimes. Just food for thought

Trina Miner said...

In our first house we closed in the back porch and made it a mud room, it was awesome! The window that we closed in was screaming for a built in. So we did just was in the kitchen so we made it into a spice rack on the top half and a wine glass holder on the bottom half.

That house has since been sold 3 more times and the last one, I checked out the pics and the built in is still there.

Awww, so sentimental (or maybe just mental)!! Ha Ha

Happy decorating!

scotdog98 said...

I love them! I love to organize. Does your spice one ever get dirty just from pulling them in and out all the time? I'm a messy cook and the area that I have my spices/oils gets a bit messy.

Leslie Stratton said...

Am I the only person that giggled a little bit at "#2 In the Master Bathroom"? I love me some potty humor!