Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make The World A Better Place By Frowning All The While.

No, I did not ignore all the questions I've received about "frown".
Frown: faux crown.
(frown, as seen in The Parade Of Homes this year)
So. . . why do frown?  Or as a reader left a comment a few days ago:
"Could frown be used instead? Will it look like I am a special child who can't properly put up crown moulding? Help!"
I've asked myself that same question.  Will I regret frown?  Will I wish I'd have put up crown instead?
Let me answer that question with a question:
Have you stared in a room and tried to figure out if it really was crown up there or frown?  'Cause I have, and I still, after hours and hours of staring up in the chapel at church, cannot for the life of me decide if the ceiling (which is 20 feet high) has crown or frown.
Regard the baby girl's room:
It has real crown.  Cheap, small crown, but what's around where the wall meets the ceiling is, in fact, crown. 
And when I was done, I stared and stared in this room, and said, and I quote,
"I'm so bugged I spent all that time cutting crown and you can't even tell for sure if it's crown or not."
So, it's a big decision everyone must make.  Think on it.  Ponder on it.  Hold a candlelight vigil and a fast if you must,

but here's my frown.  And I do like it.  I don't think it's tricking anyone that it's crown, but I love the white up there.
Why else frown?
*Waaaay cheaper
*No crazy crown cuts-- just regular, normal, beveled cuts just like cutting baseboard or chair rail.
And if you really wanna simplify,
do what this home did.  They butt jointed and didn't 45° a thing.  Look close.  Butt joint.
And finally, allow me to leave you with this little gem.
Let's say you did exactly what I did.  You frowned.  Let's say you feel deep regret.  Check it, yo:
are you following this?  This dude (it's from a mag and I can't remember which) frowned with baseboard.  THEN, he frowned ON THE CEILING.  Are you following me??
And then, BAM:
the man added crown OVER THE TOP of the frown.  Look how freaking fabulous it looks. 
Someone get out my smelling salts.


Carol Brown said...

Remember when you mentioned boob lights a long time ago?... Since then I can't look up in the chapel without thinking "Those chandelier thingies are boob lights!" Not exactly the right frame of mind to be in during the sacrament...but now I can exchange that thought and focus on the Frown / Crown. I bet Heavenly Father gets a kick out of us. ;o)

Shirley Moore said...

Ok, You know I'm not a construction girl, I just love laughing over your posts. But I do love checking out houses, and going on Parade of Homes, and sneaking onto construction sites, no, I would never do that!
Anyway, in my ideal world, I would always choose crown. However, I have seen some frown that is quite clever, and nice. I don't care for the pic of the butt joined frown, it looks cheap. I adore what the guy did, mixing the two together. Now you have an official opinion from someone that knows nothing. Carry on with your day. :D

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Ooooh Baby Girl's room looks sooooo pretty and so does your living room. It's so all about the molding.
I'm trying to wrap my brain around frown vs. crown. This is why I haven't tried it yet……I can't wrap my brain around the angles. And then I think it will look like I installed it because there will have to be massive amounts of caulking. I want to do it but I don't want it to look like I did it, ugh, the decisions, the dilemmas.

Lori said...

ahhh, you are my inspiration. I think I will frown all the bedrooms.

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I just want you to know that I dreamed about you last night and in my dream you lived in England. That is all.

Abby Scorsonelli said...

I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly makes it "frown." The material? The butt joints? The simple design? I love the plain look of craftsman style moulding but when I mentioned it to my carpenter, he says it's actually MORE expensive. Something about it not being planed... harder to find truly straight pieces... more difficult to install because it's not 45'ed... So confused!!

fixitfaerie said...

I, like it. It goes with the moulding on the top of the door. Who cares what anyone else says. If they do say something, just give them that, 'really?' look, and own it. Blessings Paula

Unknown said...

What size boards did you use for the frown? 1x6 and 1x2?