Monday, June 4, 2012

So, Where Were We? Oh, Right.

I just know that you are chomping at the bit to see my new couch that you're not gonna like.  It's keeping you up nights.  You're peeking in my windows like the neighborhood perv, (let's call you, "Lester the Molester") for a sneeky peaky of this couch you're just not gonna like.  Ants are in your pants, your pants are on fire, etcetera etcetera. 
But. . .
we're gonna revisit the music room shelves.  I'm sorry.

But peeps,  I plowed through it.  I put on my big girl pants and got up on a step stool and. . . .

painted.  Shudder
And I filled holes, and I taped off stuff 'n everything.  And did I love it?

Nein, Fräulein.

I think I might need a paint sprayer if paint and I are gonna go on this way.

Okay--this is where I pat myself on the back.

All my skads and gobs of sheet music that used to lie all over, on top of, and around the piano, are now so organized, that my sloppy self almost can't stand it. Christmas, church, choral-- they've all got their own folder.

This might be the most organized thing in my house.  Ever.

Clearly, "Awesome Piano Solos" is my favorite.  Do you have some suggestions for me?  I need some more awesome piano solos because I'm a tad bored with my current stuff.
Thanks in advance.

See the entire thing?

I want you to know, that this does not take up an ounce of walking room in this little hallway. It juts out 2 and 1/2 inches total, and it's the exact size of the beam that comes out of the wall. This beam, here:

Yep. It all just fits inside there. Hubs can't complain about that, am I right?
Also had to work around a air return vent, the thermostat, and an old, unneeded doorbell box.

Now, let's be honest. I staged my music bookshelves.  That's what bloggers do, right?  We pretend that everything has the perfect little additions and tchotchkes, but really we're just moving crap around for a picture. 

A picture, people. 

You must know they're not really going to look like this. Expect the bottom two rows empty, so as to keep the little ones from tearing music apart. Expect it stuffed with bright and loud kids piano practice books, and my violin ain't staying.

Yeah, I'm telling you it'll look like poo in the next few days.


Janice said...

Well until reality sweeps by it and screws everything up, it's beautiful!

And we go with Chester here. Chester the Molester. "I'm not going back to that place again by myself honey. The guy that works there is a Chester."

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Oooooooh it's so awesome. Exceeded my high expectations of what you had in store for me!! Love love love it and the small space it takes up - what a great use of that wall! You are nothing short of magical, Mandi Tremayne.

Suesan said...

Completely awesome. Reality is just rude, messing up our picture perfect lives. Who invited her to the party, anyways?

Sherron said...

I love this! My music is in two different closets at the tippy top. I rarely pull any of it down because it is a chore to get the chair or stepstool. I am anxiously awaiting for my family to get a bit older so that I can put them in the shelf by the window seat.
It would be awesome if you framed the thermostat with a big chunky frame.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yeah, but it looked good for the pictures and that's all that really matters, Mandi. : ) I love it and I think it was a great idea.

Maureen said...


It looks good now and that's all that matters.


~Jess said...

That looks awesome! Great job!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Oh my...super cool. Staging is a talent my friend and you have it, but yep too bad this is the real world and it won't stay like that. I longing look at the pics of my son's room when I first redid it and it was so tidy and clean. Not now! I ordered a 5d Mark ii!!! It should be here Thurs. What are your favorite lenses?

pogonip said...

If it weren't for that dratted Real Life, I'd blog alot more instead of artistically cropping out 90% (or more) of each photo.

I like your stored music but I'm VERY disappointed that you haven't shown us your sofa ;(

Emily said...

oohhh, I like it! Nice job!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ha!! I love the shelves!! Looks great and without the pooh!!

Rebecca D said...

It turned out really nice and I really love the stencil... Such a cool touch... But enough is enough, fess up the new sofa already!

Teri said...

This, Mandi, is both gorgeous AND brilliant. Someday? When I have cute little children? And those cute little children take piano lessons? And I make my cute little children practice their piano for my own entertainment? And I try to live vicariously through my cute little piano-practicing children? They're gonna have a music shelf like that.