Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A 3 Hour Tour. (A 3 Hour Tour)

Right now, my house will not get any cleaner than it is right at this very moment.

Unless I were to sell. And if that's the case, I give you permission to shoot me. Please deal a fatal blow.

See, we're having the house appraised for a little refi action. And I figure, since the house is clean 'n all, this might be a good time for a tour.

Because we all know the house is gonna go downhill from here. (like an anvil off a sheer cliff, downhill.)

Now, if you've seen the insides of my house before, you may be thinking, "Woopity doo!" ("Cindy and Scott are newlyweds! Woopity doo!")

Well, I'm gonna show you anyway. Again. Thanks for your understanding.

Please regard that top pictures are move-in shots, and the second would be it's present state. I am too lazy to mark each photo as such. Thank you so much.

Let's start at my fave spot. Yes, the dining room, turned music room.

Because can you imagine my punks eating in this room on that carpet? My eye is twitching just thinking about it.

I have big plans for ceiling molding in this room. One day when I get off my lazy A.

My living room's boring. Let's move on.

The great room.

I hate you, buttcracking sofa.

I try to exclude it from pictures as much as possible.

Up ze stairs.

Tell you about the time I fell, up my wood stairs?

My knee wasn't pretty.

Kitchen. The heart of the home.

Next time, remind me that my pantry needn't be cleaned and organized for an appraiser. 'Cause he don't give a crap if I have hard mini-marshmallows all over the floor in there.

Bathroom. Carpet.

They should never be used in the same sentence. Ever.

Head up to bedrooms, shall we? Yes, lets.

McKiller's room.

The mirror? With the flowers? Worst.Crapt.Ever.

Just thought you should know.

I dub this room: "The room that shall never be finished."

I hate cutting crown molding. You too? Crown molding cutter haters, unite!

Don't say it.

"The beds should match." Ew. You said it. It was a pain in the arse building the white one. Don't make me do it again!

Have you seen my striped baff-room?

I try and avoid this (my kids') bathroom at all costs.

I suggest you do the same. It always stinks. Douse it in bleach? Still stinks. Steam treatment, disinfectant hose-down, clorox wipes. . .. stinks.

Scientists can't explain it.

And finally, let's finish in my boudoir. ("Oh man, I thought she was gonna go on forever and show us the mudroom and the garages, and the basement, and the basement bathroom, and the closets, and . . . ")

And so, the appraiser was like all, "So tell me about the upgrades you've made." And I was like all. . . "Um, where do I start?"


until another day :) said...

I really love your kitchen table and chairs. Would love to know where you got them.

Terry said...

You've done some great decorating. i can see why the music room is your's mine too.

Becca Christensen said...

I really love what you've done - the house looks amazing. Found your blog through pinterest actually. : ]


WhettenWild said...

Did you move stuff around Kenna's room? It looks different in that picture. Like the room is shaped differently or something.

Hope you remembered all of the upgrades!!!=)

WhettenWild said...
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Emily said...

I love your house! Will you come help with mine? I am so designer challenged!!

Mallory said...

Man. Things are looking great in there, huh?

Have I mentioned how much I love reading your blog?

Mommybreath said...

You have a beautiful home Mandi.
Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

I love that even though your house is a jillion times more gorgeous than mine that your kids bathroom still stinks. What do they do in there and why can't I get rid of the smell? They need to invent some sort of bathroom cleaning bomb that you can just throw in there and shut the door.

I think the master bedroom is my fav.

Oh, and that streetlight in your great room? Is that an outdoor light? My son has a smaller one in his room that was made to be used indoors but I want one for my other two kiddos and can't find one ANYWHERE. Even the internet has failed me. I never knew that day would come.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Thanks for letting me come over. Loved the visit.

Lisa Scibilia said...

I know where to come on a gloomy day - you always make me laugh!!! I am having such house envy of your pulled together rooms and the 47 tons of molding that exist in them!!! Love how interesting your walls are - so many cool and interesting things to ogle!!

Thanks for sharing - your house is beautiful, Mandi!

Suesan said...

I'm sure you've kept a running tally, right? Just tell the appraiser to read your blog!

And carpet in the bathroom? Someone should be shot for coming up with that idea!

Kimbo West said...

first. wedding singer.
second. from the looks of the pictures above that eat sign looks a little off centered.
third. my kids bathroom always smells like pee. i'm not sure if it's saturated into the ground or what but
fourth. i love your house. can i move in.
fifth. went to home depot and bought some wood. got some new found respect for you.
sixth. i don't have a sixth. just trying to possibly make this the longest comment ever.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Did you take the foot board off your bed? Love the house...don't know why but I'm having putting things on the walls o phobia. (it's real, I've asked)

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

I love your house! It looks great! I just thought I would share this tip that I came across in case the stinky smell in your bathroom is caused by little (or big) boy pee!
Have a great day! :)

Sara M. said...

Your house really looks like a magazine. Really nice job. I wish my husband was as motivated as you to get stuff done (notice I did not say that I wish I was that motivated).

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I don't know why but when I was done reading I heard Tim the Tool Mans arrr arrr (sp???). Why did you change out the curtains in your master??? ;) jk It all looks great and like alot of work!

Rebecca D said...

Is he still there listening to your lists of upgrades?

GustoBones said...

So many cute things you have done. I love them all. I need to take some "before" pics. I plan on making some major changes over here(well, I say I, but really it will be Scott:)) Thanks for the tour. You're so talented!

SueAnn said...

Ha!! Yes! Do tell him about the upgrades...over dinner!!!!!!!!
Everything looks fabulous by the way
Good luck on your appraisal

julie - eab designs said...

Great to see all your fantastic touches in one post! You're right, you can never move... you'd have to pack all of your blood, sweat and tears from the renovations with you!

Kate said...

This is so inspiring! Right now, my house looks more like all your before pictures.

Thanks for sharing!

Dialogue said...

Your house looks amazing! You've done some great work, but don't be so hard on yourself! You don't need to get off your "lazy A." Sit your lazy A on a the couch, look at how far you've come, and enjoy it! I wish I was half as productive as your lazy A.

DressUpNotDown said...

I would just paint the other bed white instead of building another matching one.

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Wedding Singer and Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, FTW! BTW, the house looks great too. Come do mine?

Maureen said...


I love your blog and your posts no matter what the topic is about. And as far as the house goes I am totally jealous that you have the skills and the bravery to redo things. So far all I do is buy the stuff and put it in the garage! LOL :) I know what a waste. Maybe someday...


P.S. I'm still angry at you for tell me about Plants vs. Zombies!!! I am SO addicted!!!

catie said...

i loved the tour! totally random item here, but the "smell" in the bathroom? i've found you can get rid of it with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water in a spray bottle. i spray it all around both the inside and outside of my toilet and you know, AROUND the toilet, since my husband does not have the best aim. ahem. try it out and see if it works at your house!

Teri said...

I can't even imagine the length of the conversation with that appraiser! Your home is gorgeous, Mandi! :) You should be so proud!

Stephanie said...

can i move in?! i love your house. you have a hell of a lot to be proud of in that place, you and the hubs both. so glad you're still blogging away, makes my day when i catch up on your antics and end up giggling (well, in hysteric laughing fits, spluttering up a drink) at your posts. much appreciated! =)

Amie said...

Mandy your home is beautiful. Your sense of humor never fails to make me laugh. Paint the other boy's bed so it is white and no one will ever notice they are different! :)