Sunday, December 6, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs.

I've left my camera somewheres else. Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. I am deeply disturbed by this. I feel naked without it. Nake-Ed. Sorry if that produced a disturbing visual for you.

This means I can't show you the crazy thing I did to one of my windows. And then my mirror. Another time, perhaps.

So without further ado, these are a few of my favorite things (brown paper packages!). Er, blogs.

If you're like me, you're probably thinking: "Oh, please no. Google reader takes too much of my time as it is. I've got my fill of awesome blogs, thanks."

But these are bodacious, man. I mean it. Totally. Tubular.

I've got a total of 28 photography blogs on thee ole reader. But my mostest favoritest, jump for joy, she posted, photog, is (drumroll):

a tie.

Pink Sugar Photography.

If you're feeling like that's too small for you, go look at the bigger picture. You won't be sorry.


Michele Waite.

Her stuff is so fresh.

Eye candy, man.

I've got 14 blogs dedicated to computer art creativity. I don't know how else to put it. Gawgeous, unique things for your p.c.

I just discovered Shadow Creations.
He rules. From his own artwork that he gives away,

To beautiful textures for photography:

And of course, my favorite: photoshop brushes. Talent oozes.

Then there's Kimi Kreations.
She's a photographer/teacher/designer, and I love every.single.piece she's put together. And a lot of times she gives her creations away.

18 blogs are dedicated to interior decorating. Two really stand out for me.

My Sweet Savannah.
She posts her own work, and stuff to inspire.

I love it. She's why Mckenna's room is the way it is, in fact.

The Lettered Cottage.
Who couldn't love a decorator with a room like this?

And would have the guts to tear down their drywall to reveal the original planked wall behind?


The Graphics Fairy, has got a plethora

of free, vintage high resolution files for any idea you can come up with.

Used one in my house, in fact.

I Do It Yourself.

I still can't get past this table runner.

I want to make one for meself so bad.
And you know this made it to the idea board for next year:

Be Different Act Normal.

Almost every picture I've posted of idea's in my head come from here. Lorie posts about 3 times a day of stuff that catches her eye. Or blows her skirt up. Lorie rules like that.

She does the all the good-idea-hunting-work for ya. Simply smashing.

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WhettenWild said...

I'm SO offended that MY blog isn't one of your favorite blogs to visit. LOL! Just kidding.

Where is you camera?