Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A House Of Order.

Don't know 'boutchu, but our house was hit by thee ole Christmas bomb. And it's taken me until right about. . . .now to get the joint put back together. Phew.

And on the topic of cleaning like crazy, I've always dreamed of having a spot for like, everything. Moving a ton, sometimes living out of boxes (seriously- several boxes never got unpacked), and being in teensy weensy apartments makes ya wanna have a place for everything to go. Be organized. I had a friend in IN who said her house was so easy to clean up 'cause she was so organized she had a spot for everything.

For the record, I think she's lying.

I still like her though. And regardless, I'd still like to be all organized. My house is totally organized right now, let me tell you.

hehehehe. . ..



If you come over I probably still won't show you my basement. But the New Year tends to get one in the mood to make positive changes, no? And why didn't I put this on my 101 list so I can check something off? Anywho, starting with thee boys room.

I've got these, for each boy, hidden in the closet, in place of a dresser. Don't you judge me. I do this for
1., It's one room. 3 boys. No space.
2. I already had these.
3. I'd so prefer to find a smokin' hot yardsale find that I could totally restore as a project, but I don't have the time or the desire to yardsale hop (with 4 kids in tow) to do that.

These work fine. But they leave zero room for anything else, and consequently, the closet is disastrous otherwise.

Step 1:

(looks smooshed but really it's not)
Step 2:

Et Voila. Better.

Problem numero deux. Jamison's got his lil makin' shtuff like, everywhere. Am I the only mom would could find a crayon behind every door, under every couch cushion, or every corner of every room?

Just me, huh?

Voila. Don't let the emptyness fool ya. We'll be finding all his making stuff and it'll be hard to close this bad boy.

Problem trois, or C.

Shoes everywhere in thee mudroom. Trippin' over them. Annoying.

$69 storage chest at Walmart. And worth every penny.

And finally, I'm the mom who goes into the bathroom, says, "Ew! Gross! This bathroom needs to be cleaned, like, now."
And I walk away to find the cleaning supplies. And on my way to find them, I stop to do the dishes, put in another load of laundry, change a diaper, and then .. . what did I come down here for?

Each bathroom's gotta have one. No more hunting.

(that last one's not full 'cause, dang it, one of those bathrooms has supplies).

I'll keep cleanin'. Wish me luck.


chris w said...

Funny how those are the exact things that drive me nuts. I'm waiting for my hubby to build me a bench/nook/cubby/coat hanger/shoe storer thingy for me in the mudroom.

arianne said...

ok this makes me want to go shopping NOW and get organizing!! I love how you have cleaners in EVERY bathroom, I am totally going to do that now! LOVE IT! oh and the shoe storage GREAT idea! we have shoes ALL over our mud room!! you amaze me miss Mandi!

WhettenWild said...

I like the storage thingy for the mudroom. I like all of those ideas. I may have to make a couple of vinyl orders......if you would be so kind.

dena4kids said...

Good luck with the cleaning! I am trying to find my house under all the crap! Sigh. It is a never ending process.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas, Mandi. I have supplies in each of the bathrooms, but no little tote thingy - think I need those. :-)

Lianna Knight said...

Great ideas!!! I do the same with the rubbermade storage bins :)

You can see my ideas here...

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Check out my tips including how to get pen off and couch!

Julia from findingbeauty@home and BellePapier said...

Makes me want to get organizing. After Christmas is always a bit crazy isn't it?

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

You have all my favorite things - bins, labels, drawers. AHHHHH, it looks great!