Thursday, December 17, 2009

Despite my earlier failings,

I press on with other planned projects. First off, the million-times-mentioned idea board. The one that has been virtual up til now. You know, that one. (Wait, what one? What's this??)
When I saw this:

I thought, it's time for a real board, man. I like this. 'Cept I don't like the frame. I'd choose sumfin' different. And I don't like a $179 price tag. $179?? What-ever.

There's only one thing left to do. Make my own.

Corkboard: $8 at walmart. The largest one they had.

Just say no to crappy cheap frames. Friends don't let friends use craptacular frames. (How many times can I fit "craptacular" into this post? Hmm.)
Let's make our own, shall we? This of course involves a trip to Lowe's and a purchase of molding. Now I'm gonna level with ya,

They have some of thee most beautiful molding. Do I want to spend $20 on one piece of molding? Heck to the no. This is meant to be a cheap project, people.

Casing. My best fray-end. $3 for an 8 ft. piece. Yes I said casing. Now you know my deepest darkest secret. Used it on 3 other lil projects as well. A little bit of spray paint,

Oh. Speaking of spraypaint, thee um, rectangle on the gay-rage floor? Didn't go over all that well.

"But you have cardboard laid out for your projects!"

"Yeah! I know- but they were filled up with other stuff. . . " (that's where I trailed off).

So, wood glue. Wood glue is our friend. Say it with me:

Wood glue is my friend.

Doesn't that feel good? It's never let me down.

You know what's better than wood glue? Awesome dads. Everyone needs one.

Awesome dad's who cut your casing at the right angles, and then lend you some clamps. Isn't it looking better?

So as I was saying about wood glue, it's never let me down. 'Cept for when I'm trying to glue it to a craptacular frame that is not wood. It only works for WOOD, not cheap plastic crap. I didn't know it was plastic! Don't you judge me.

Now I'm not gonna tell you I felt more discouragement when my frame fell apart on me. I'm not gonna say it.

This is where Awesome Dad came in, again. Awesome Dads are really needed sometimes.

Okay, so! What have we learned today? $179 versus $11. Now that's a blue light special.

Coming up next, one busted-A door project. $5. $5 you say? For a door? Well yeah.

I think someone took their anger out on this bad boy.

Oh, and some shutters that have sat in my parents basement for 20 years.

This could be totally tubular. And it could be craptacular. It's a nailbiter.


chris w said...

Idea board = awesome!
New door - I can't wait to see it!!

WhettenWild said...

Dude, you get so much done! I seriously don't know how you do it!

dena4kids said...

I love the frame around it! Very nice! Can't wait to see how you fix the door!

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