Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Thankful Tree, Version 2.0

Version 1.0 was last year. Thought it went well, so we went for it again. FHE style.

What a seriously lazy mom to not cut out the leaves. Good grief.

How lazy can ya be?

My kids are older, so we got some less, shall we say, zany, responses.
But still some good ones.

I want you to know that every response was a very sincere one.

Geez, Jeff-- I had you write so it'd be more legible. Let me translate these.

Pretty stuff. Me too, man.

Teeth. Gotta have 'em.

The Zoo.

Laughter. Definitely!

Grandma & Grandpa. Aw. . .

A brain. Tee hee.
Chickens. Chickens? Rubber chickens? Or edible chickens?

Clowns. I'm sorry. I'm just not grateful for clowns. The world just might be better without 'em.

I said "Hot Water". I was serious. Who wants a shower in cold water? Jeff responded: "Hot Mommy".

Tee hee. (Eyeroll from the boys). Alright you're soo forgiven for the bad handwriting.


WhettenWild said...

I love that! So cute. Did Jeff draw the tree?

chris w said...

What a cute idea!