Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow sucketh.

If today were like, oh, December 1st, I'd be singing a different tune. The title would more likely be something like "Yay! Snow!" but not today, man. October? Snow has it's proper place. Like I said, starting in December and ending before February. Is that too much to ask??
Ah well. Nothing left to do,

but open all my windows,

and watch it fall. Maybe cuss a little.
Yes those are toys up in my windowsills. Boys think that's hilarious. By the way, sorry Monique for the easter eggs in yours.

At least the kids are excited.


WhettenWild said...

We finally got those Easter Eggs down. ha ha! I should have left them up there because everytime I saw them I thought of Jamison. So funny!

I HATE snow. But you already know that.

dena4kids said...

Hey I know a place that it doesn't snow!LOL! It is a place I like to call the good ole NC!(of course we do get that yucky slush!But NOT in OCT!)MISS YA!!!

The Schoonies said...

All your old pictures are awesome. And I think Jamison looks like Jeff (at least from pics anyways). Your windows are awesome! And your carmel apples are making my mouth water! Happy Halloween!