Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moldy Oldies.

We punished our basement with all our moving junk. It was a gigantic maze/mess of boxes with total and utter crap pouring out. I wanted to

1. start a (controlled) bonfire and get rid of it all down there. Or,

2. Lock the door and never go down there again. Pretend like we didn't have a basement.

*There will never be a picture of that mess. Ever.*

I made Jeff promise not to take his family down there when he gave them the tour of the house- made him promise 3 times. He took them down there anyway. Even when I warned them we had a basement monster and a really mean dog that would take a chunk out of their cheeks.

It didn't deter them. I'm still embarrassed.

Clearly, the junk we've got was/is driving me nuts. I headed on down and painfully went through every box, bag, and piece of crap we've accumulated in almost 10 years and half a dozen (at least) moves. It sucked.

I'm not gonna lie to ya- it looks tons better. But it's still a disaster. It's a job that about 2 hours could totally fix and organize. Maybe next weekend.

During this torturous job, I found all kinds of pictures sitting in boxes. It was kinda fun to go through them- some aren't so old but feel ages ago. Ages, man. So I started scanning 'em in.

Or I would have if my 3-in-1 Kodak printer wasn't a complete and total piece of shiz. I resorted to taking pictures of pictures. I know this is lame. I cannot help it.

My apothecary jar is my prop (yes I finally got my jars! Yay!).

A very rare picture of Jeff as a little 'un surfaced. I'm trying to decide if this looks like our boys or not.

A picture here and there of the high school days.

Those choir dresses are so rad. I'm going to bust mine out and wear it on Sunday.
Seriously though- we thought they were fugly even back then.

Many, many a picture of Elder "Anziano" Tremayne.

He looks so young.

There's this one picture he took of a public "squatter" toilet, and there's a giant piece a .. . never mind.

Engagement pictures gallore.

Wedding pictures.

Aw. Anyone else wish they could redo a few things on their big day? Like their hair? Oh, that's just me.

Newlywed pictures.

Oooh, that rad apartment in Provo. With the nast-asty shag pee-yellow carpet. Thems were the days. Serious poverty, hand-me-down furniture, no dryer, no dishwasher . . .
Hey-- we were happy.

The cruise we went on with my family.

This pics are thanks to Alyssa, who so kindly gave me her camera 'cause she was getting a better one. Who gives their camera away?? I ask you? Well, Alyssa does. Thanks, girl.

What a bunch of dumb drunks.

A Halloween from yesteryear.

And a not so long ago when I was mother of two.

("Psst, Mom! You've got it easy with just 2! Take advantage!")

She doesn't hear me.


WhettenWild said...

Hey you found your engagement pictures. Now, next time you go to Vegas.......

Thanks for posting that seriously ugly picture of me. Beware....I'm going to search all of my pictures right now to get even. Just kidding.

Could Jamison and Jace BE any cuter in those pictures? I think not.

Jessie said...

I love us some more!

Kim said...

Hey. It's your blog stalker again :)
Just wanted to comment on how much I love that picture of Andrea and you from high school.
PS love your blog!!

dena4kids said...

Cute pics! Let's see more!=)

Yorgason said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am dying over the dressess love them haha ..we still need to get together and hang let me know we need just an adult girls night...xoxo