Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Baby,

See the floating baby over there? It's on zero. ZERO.
See Mommy's big belly?

There's no more room in there, baby. Trust me. If my ribcage could talk it would tell you it's starting to split apart to make more room.

See Mommy's closet?

It only has maternity clothes in it. Maternity clothes that no longer fit. We're gonna have to resort to a Muumuu pretty soon, my dear.

See your brother?

He was over 9 pounds and he was early. Now I've heard girls can be smaller, but come on, now.

See your daddy? He took time off to help settle the house AND for your arrival. He has to go back to work at some point, love.

See the cradle grampa made?
It's waiting for you next to my side of the bed.
Alright fine it's still in the garage but can be so easily moved up to my side of the bed.

I'd love to continue this life of denial about labor/delivery/post partum, but it's time you gave me my body back. Plus, the family's waiting.



Jen said...

So am I....waiting that is! Dude, you had me rolling with the whole muumuu comment. Even a muumuu would swallow you whole. You look simply amazing. You only have a little belly! Wish I looked that good, and I'm not even pregnant! LOL!

arianne said...

love your belly shot! My guess is that you will have her on Friday. YEP friday it is! :)

WhettenWild said...

Yeah, hurry up little one! We are all waiting little missy! Plus your mommy is getting sick of Aunt Monique asking her if she is in labor everytime she calls. LOL!

P.S. Remember.........I'm the FAVORITE aunt =)

Heidi said...

girl,,,i feel for ya...hope she comes soon...and you look great...just a belly not big all over.

dena4kids said...

heehee...I love this post!=)