Monday, March 2, 2009

Things that make you go #$%@.

Really, truly, I'm doing better with my language (alright fine I've been known to spell a swear or two but still). But this:

coming right off in my hand 10 times during dish washing is really making this hard. (that's the faucet handle in case it wasn't obvious)

Or when Johnny pulled himself up on my bed, sat on my pillow, and shat (I still maintain that's not a swear) all over it. (not pictured for your sakes; I ain't taking a picture of diarrhea with raisins spread throughout).

Or when your 1 year old has a sixth sense of when one of his brothers will open the fridge door, and books it to get in there and work his magic.

Or when some little one leaves a piece of Snickers on your chair. (Who leaves any Snickers uneaten?)

And you find that dead center on the butt of your khaki's. 'Cause you know what that's bound to look like.
Or this:

Arrrr. Nuff said.
Britton suggests I slowly wean myself from spelling the swear. Today it's "oh S-H-I!" And maybe next month, it just might be "Oh S!". Good idea, bro.

Oh, and one more thing. The need to deliver this today.

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WhettenWild said...

LOL! You are cracking me up. And who DOES leave a snickers uneaten??

dena4kids said...

Snickers uneaten! Who indeed?! I love Johnny's sixth sense!=) Fun for me, bad for you!

Jen said...

I totally had a very good visual of the whole raisin, hot poop incident! Been there and had to clean it up. Not so fun! I sure could use a Snickers right now!

Renee said...

Mmmmm, snickers are so yummy!

Porter enjoys breaking blinds too...grrrr.

And today, we almost had a 24 egg carton disaster...but I ran faster than I thought I could...but, I know it's coming anyday now! lol...

The squatters still haven't paid & are living there still? Seriously? I'm sorry...

BTW, I love your blog!