Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the spring time, the only pretty ring time.

No, it's not spring yet (although tell that to my tree that's blooming in the backyard) but the high today was 70°, and it's been about that for the last 3 days. We tried to take full advantage.

Now that's a dad who'll teeter totter with his son.

That's the best I can do when holding the camera as far away from me as possible, tee hee.

Amazing how the feeling of spring (although fleeting this time) makes everything seem so much brighter.


dena4kids said...

Cute pics! I love this kind of weather!=)

Jen said...

I am so ready for spring! I can't wait!

Jessie said...

I'm so jealous. We've had three days of snow, snow and more snow.

WhettenWild said...

I here ya! We've had some nice weather here the past week but we are returning back to winter. Oh well! It was good while it lasted!

The Schoonies said...

70 degrees?!?'re so lucky! i love the feeling of Spring. It's the best:)