Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soaked in Sweat

Jeffrey's coming home from work soaked through with sweat these days. He's doing a lot of outdoor walking on site. This troubles me. He says he drinks all the water he can but he can't really keep up. I've bought gatorade for him before; however, this is the man who never wants anything for himself (an occasional electronic aside). Socks with holes? Underwear that shouldn't be called underwear anymore? He'll make do (if I let him). "No, no. I'm fine. Don't buy me that" he says. Well, I took matters into my own hands. I don't want to worry.

So I shopped. I bought.
Stuck 'em in the floor of the hummer, and left a note:

1. You will take these.
2. You will put them in the fridge. (at work)
3. You will drink them when pee is orange or worse.
4. You will like them.
5. I have spoken.

-Your loving wife

#5 makes him laugh, apparently.


WhettenWild said...

My favorite is #4. ha ha!

The Schoonies said...

Love your note...very creative! I hope he listens. You for sure do not want him to get dehydrated.

Andrea said...

LOL! I loved it, way to take charge! Jeremy has no problem in the drinking department I swear he urinates more than a pregnant lady!

Renee said...

hee hee...this is hilarious!

Jen said...

What a cute idea! Will he tell you if he isn't drinking them though????

Jess said...

I lvoe readng your posts caue your funny!!! Thanx for checking by mine.

dena4kids said...

heehee I liked #3.=) yeah and I like #5. Of course you could have said "The End."=)