Monday, February 22, 2016

Moulding. More Moulding.

Hey hey hey there! Long time, no see!  How's your February treating ya?

Can we talk about my family room today? This, is my view from my sofa. Perhaps I'm about to turn on the TV and watch "Better Call Saul" (oh wait, I finished that up. So what now??).  I didn't clean the area up; I didn't stage it. There are lots and lots of cords. Too many cords. And dust. Plan on it.

you know what a great thing is about being in my home for nearly 7 years? I don't have many projects left. You know what's sad about it? I don't have many projects left.  Seriously, I have a small list of things I'd love to see happen in this house, and they are all HUGE, monstrous projects that will be a huge pain and cost a fortune (hellloooo coffered ceilings).  

My brother really wants me to sell and move by him. . . . which does mean more walls to mould. . . but that's a big ole topic for another time.


Here we have my family room. I stare at this area a lot-- I ponder on extending my mantel all the way to the left across that wall like my dad told me to in the first place (dang it Daddy-o! Why didn't I listen to you? Sigh.)-- I've pondered on making that area below the TV where my subwoofer and playstation and all that junk goes look better and hide the cords-- I'm tempted to put moulding on that half wall thingy that goes up the stairs. . . can you see it? Perhaps an angled box of moulding on there? Would that look strange? Nobody's even following me on this anymore.

One little thing I do have left to do, is to add some trim on the top of that wall going up the stairs. You know, the one I so kindly pointed out down there with the arrows?? So it matches the trim on the wall going up. Let's call them the "drywall banisters". Mmkay? I should have done this ages ago-- some friends really shouldn't have, but they gave me a Home Depot gift card and I ran right out and bought myself this.

My first battery powered nailer. I know! It seems so stupid to buy another one when I already have an air compressor in the garage with a perfectly decent nailgun, BUUUT this is soo handy for those simple little projects when you don't want to fill your compressor up for just one teensy little thing. Serious, I've fixed a whole bunch of stuff around my house I'd been putting off since I got this. Huzzah! More small moulding projects to come. You just wait 'n see.

So I got down to biznis and picked up some MDF, ripped it to be just a half inch or so wider than my "Drywall Banister", and then went ahead and routed it for a nice curve. 

I know, I know- it looks amazing up there all MDF-y.  I matched this one to look like the other wall below it, but truth be told I'd prefer to have beefed it up, but for the sake of continuing what I'd already done, you know-- to be "consistent" (huge air quotes), well, here we are. So it has come to this. I added moulding on the sides to give it some more beefyness (just like the other one),

and a coat of paint, and voila.  I shoulda done this ages ago. Ages. Gosh, I've been in a rut this winter.

It's a simple thing from down below, huh? I never thought I would say that my stairs are one of my favorite things in my house. Never ever never. Recall that I use to call it the crotch of the house-- and now I love it. No more crotchyness! And a new word to boot.

Ack, I do believe this new tool has breathed new life in some moulding projects. . . (rubs hands together; evil grin). 


Ruthie said...

You are the moulding queen! I like it. I like it alot

Rach said...

Looks great,..polished and finished.

susan said...

Love the stair redo!! And I like the idea of extending the mantel all the way across. One thought on that weird hole of tv gear, what if you installed a white swing-out bookshelf level with the flat face, with hidden hinges on the left?. You could have storage space behind on the back wall (board game shelves? DVDs? extra ottomans for storage/seating? etc?), and display/tv gear on the front shelves?

Most people wouldn't be able to carry it off, tricky project, but you're so handy.

james and bess said...

It all looks amazing!! Some binge-watching suggestions: "Face Off" on SyFy and "The Great British Bake Off" - you can watch most of the seasons on Youtube. I don't think they have any challenges where they make that weird jello/veggie dish from your vintage cookbook, but the bakers are pretty amazing! (And the jokes often made about British teeth are sometimes very true - lol.)