Monday, January 4, 2016

What We've Been Up to.

Happp-py New Year! (said in an obnoxious exaggerated tone).
How was your holidays? Ours were fantastic. Lots of family, lots of food, lots of weight gained (ugg. Swear word, sigh), lots of snow, lots of chaos. . . 

(Watch out. Sledding train. And they want to take your legs out from under ya, ya sucker.)

I'm crying inside that my hubby headed back to work and my kids went back to school. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And eating, whilst having fun.

And now we're back to real life. Early mornings and carrot sticks and homework and Science Fair crap. (clenches fists. Ohhh curse you science fair.).


I typically go in full hibernation mode during winter time. ("She's alive, and in perfect hibernation." Yep. Carbon Freeze.) It's just. . . too DOGGONE cold in the garage to be using power tools. I cannot stand it out there! You could totally cut off a digit and you wouldn't even know for a while because you were already numb. 

But did I mention I got myself a new jig saw? Teehee. Yes ma'am I sure did. It's a Bosch and it's all I ever dreamed of and I actually bought all the correct nice blades for it 'n everything. . .

Since I had that, and I also needed/wanted something wintery to go on the front door, I decided to make Ana's monogrammed snowflake . 'Cause why the heck not. Drown out my sorrows with my jig saw.

Note to self: grabbing a scrap of lumber out in the garage that is 1/8" too small sounds like a great idea, and you think you can adjust for that measly 1/8", but your math skills bite and you can't.

It took me about 30 minutes to measure and do craptastic "adjusting", and probably about 40 minutes to cut it all out, and don't you judge me for my lack of jigsaw skills. I'm getting better, okay? Gosh.

Little bit of metallic spray paint in the frigid garage,

And boom. Huge, heavy snowflake on the door. I expect this bad boy to fall at about 2am tonight and scare the poo out of me.  Side note! I picked up a new, pricey lens for my camera over the Christmas break. I'm. . . I'm not. . . really. . . loving it thus far. These pictures are just so so. Hmm. 
Anyways, I have hee-uge plans for my living room next, but gosh dang it, it's got to raise at least 10 degrees during the day. Waaaaay too many cuts with Jaws to make out there.


dscheaney said...

Ah the joys of new power tools! I received an air compressor that is making my life (and my ability to hear) so very, very much better!
But its terribly chilly in Southern California - only mid 60s!!! Brutal! and I too don't want to go to the garage.
The snowflake looks awesome!
Happy New Year and thanks, as always, for making me laugh.

Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos said...

Can I say that a scroll saw is so much easier to maneuver and be precise? Really that's just my sad excuse for pathetic jigsaw skillz. It doesn't help that the two jigsaws I own are JUNK.
I too was inspired by Ana's monogram snowflake, and naively thought it would be fun to make mine more intricate. Forty meeeellion hours later I was gnashing my teeth and weeping tears of blood.

Amanda said...

I love how that turned out. Nice project.

Carla said...

that's super cute

Libby said...

I too have not good jig saw skills so I went for a scroll saw that I actually researched & bought on Black Friday (thanks to Canadians who love any excuse for a sale). Our shed is air conditioned-to the air outside so it is about -10C (about 14F so dang cold). I'm looking forward to either a Chinook or spring whichever comes first or is warmer.
I'll have to check out Ana's designs!

james and bess said...

Love the snowflake!! And I totally hate science fairs. Hate. Them. But the snowflake rocks! :)


Heather Black said...

Can you make me one? I don't want to go out in the garage either. Gotta love the snowflake!