Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore.

I cannot believe I'm saying this either,

but I have done a complete about-face with painting.

I've whined, complained, gone on and on until someone wants to smack me around a while, 

and. . .I'm like a new woman. I actually like painting! A ROOM, that is. Flat walls, that is. Painting a project with little nooks and crannies that take 5 coats? Nope. Nuh uh. It's like having my gums scraped.

So, check it. 

My boudoir. It's been this color for 6+ years now. There's nothing particularly wrong with this color;

and nothing really right, either. 

I'm telling you, I'd wake up some mornings, and go, 

"Pink. PINK! WHY?"

Pink tones, peeps. 

"Good, 'cause we're racing for pinks."
"Pinks you punk! Pink slips? Ownership papers?"

Name that movie. Grease! I beat ya.

I should have changed this up 5 years ago, but, well, my serious aversion to picking up a paintbrush talked me out of it every.single.time. I'd see myself cutting around all the moulding in this room and I'd just shake my head and walk away.

So why the change of heart, you ask?

I can now accept that painting a room will take me the day, and then. . .

 I turn on a favorite show and listen while I work. 

This project's movies? Thanks for asking. "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels",
("'Scuse me, may I go to the bathroom first?. . . . . . . . .thank you.") 

And "Mannequin". Gah, I love a good 80's movie.

So I took a big chance with a navy wall-- I'm not a big dark wall fan typically, but I do love it. And the other color-- a friend picked it out for me in 5 minutes flat (thank you Tonya!), and it's like this icy gray-blue sitch that I can never figure out and keeps me guessing. I wasn't sure about this color at first but now I love it. It's a mystery. An enigma. 

Annnnnd it's very masculine. Speaking of which, my husband loves the colors (done without permission, cough, while he was away on business), and now the room isn't sooo, estrogenal. Not a word. But it should be.

Of course I still have and love my vanity! And of course that's extremely feminine (you need one. Seriously this is in my top 3 fave house projects), but having this wall color took the space down a notch. In a good way.

And here we have the wall with the faux random fireplace mantel. Bwahahaha I put that "J" back up there backwards again, didn't I? Not my first time, and def not my last.

So? Boom. It's like a whole new room.

Who'd have thought I'd ever come to terms with painting? And guess what? I'm even learning to love winter, too. Nope, no head injuries, either. 


Connie D said...

I tend to be a light and bright type of person when it comes to paint but I saw this baby wall and I just love it. I think it's the depth of color and the contrast with the white molding. So beautiful I had to pin it for inspiration. P. 's. I stilllove painting. Cutting in is my favorite!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous. And the sign above your bed... Blue October... my fave. I need to find some motivation/time/energy to do some painting myself. The wood paneling in my house is simply depressing and has to go.

Janelle said...

Oooooh bluuuue. I likey

gretchen said...

This turned out great! Would you mind sharing the names of the colors you used?

Jacquelyn Cory said...


Did you know that the M is backwards too? I love to read your blog! You have the best ideas. Keep quoting movies!


Taylor Family said...

Looks great!... I in the other hand Still have that green swatch on my wall.

Joan said...

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